What Happened To Dr. Roxy? The Plastic Surgeon’s TikTok and Legal Drama Explained

TikTok plastic surgeon’s medical license suspended following three patient lawsuits.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Katharine Roxanne Grawe — referred to as Dr. Roxy on social media — has had her medical license suspended after having three lawsuits filed against her. With nearly 850,000 followers on TikTok, Dr. Roxy is best known for her viral videos depicting in-depth cosmetic and plastic procedures. However, on Nov. 18, 2022, the Ohio State Medical Board suspended her license after gathering evidence that Dr. Roxy had violated several sections of the Ohio Revised Code.

From social media concerns to patient mistreatment, here’s everything you should know about Dr. Roxy’s medical license suspension.

The State Medical Board took issue with Dr. Roxy’s social media usage.

One of the biggest draws of Dr. Roxy’s TikTok account is her raw depiction of medical procedures. However, the board deems this practice careless and dangerous, with records stating her focus was often on the camera instead of the patient. According to the board, Dr. Roxy’s consistent documentation of cosmetic procedures poses a severe threat to patients and the public.

Dr. Roxy

“The problem with social media is that there really has been no regulation by the local, state, or even the federal level on what is presented,” Dr. Robert Houser, a local surgeon, told WBNS.

According to Houser, major aesthetic surgeries should involve rigorous research and trusted referrals. Patients who make appointments based strictly on social media often have no idea what they’re getting into.

Amber Runyon, one of the three mistreated patients, revealed that social media motivated her to make a “Mommy Makeover” appointment. “I couldn’t wait to get on there to watch the surgeries for the day,” Runyon said. “It showed you [detailed] step-by-step of everything. I felt like I was extremely prepared for these surgeries.”

Dr. Roxy’s clients were told not to call 911 when they experienced post-surgery complications.

Following Runyon’s tummy tuck and breast surgery, she claims her drains weren’t working in the recovery house. Despite this, the nurse practitioner urged her not to go to the emergency room. According to Runyon, she still can’t stand up straight and is paying for additional surgeries to correct the damage caused by Dr. Roxy.

“I thought she was the best because that’s the way she made me feel,” Runyon said. “But I should have dug a little deeper.”

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While he doesn’t represent Runyon, attorney James Arnold represents the two other patients filing lawsuits against Dr. Roxy — one of which was also instructed not to call 911. Arnold’s client suffered multiple bowel punctures following her procedure and needed part of her bowel surgically removed. Had his client followed the advice of ROXY Plastic Surgery and not gone to the hospital, the results would have been disastrous.

“In my opinion, [she] probably would have died if she didn’t go to the hospital to have emergency surgery,” Arnold said.

Dr. Roxy and ROXY Plastic Surgery haven’t commented on the recent legal allegations. However, Dr. Roxy now has until Dec. 17 to request a hearing regarding the suspension of her medical license.

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