What Happened To Kim Glass? The Volleyball Olympian Allegedly Attacked By A Homeless Man With A Metal

Volleyball Olympian Kim Glass who won a silver medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, says she was attacked by a homeless man in Los Angeles and almost lost her eye.

Glass, 37, recalls the incident and says it took place as she was leaving lunch with a friend in Downtown, LA. She said after she left she noticed a man in the street with something in his hand.

“He just like looked at me with some pretty hateful eyes,” Glass said. “And, as I turned to go tell my friend, ‘I think something’s, like, wrong with him and I think he’s going to hit a car,’ before I knew it, a big metal bolt, like pipe, hit me right here.”

Glass says the man was several feet away when he threw the object at her, and it slammed into her eye socket and the bridge of her nose. She said doctors don’t expect her vision to be permanently affected by the incident. However, she encourages everyone to be safe while out on the streets.

“There’s a lot of mentally ill people on these streets right now and you shouldn’t have to be fearful when you walk but it’s true. And, so, you guys just be safe.”

Bystanders held the man down until police arrived on the scene.

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