What Happened To Realbarbiespice? The OnlyFans Model ‘Humiliated’ Over Mini Skirt

An OnlyFans model went viral on TikTok after getting shamed and pulled off an ice-skating rink over her mini skirt.

Lowri Rose was on the ice at Winter Wonderland in Cardiff, Wales when was ordered off the rink by employees due to a complaint about her outfit.

The blonde model learned that an older woman had complained about her “inappropriate” miniskirt. She took to TikTok to vent about the incident.

In her video, Lowri showed that she was wearing shorts underneath the skirt, so as not to flash fellow skaters on the rink.

“Hating on me won’t make your t*ts any bigger or your husband hate you any less!” she said in the clip, aimed at the “old bag” who made the complaint.

She said the rink staff made her put on a coat if she wanted to return to the ice. The content creator called the incident “embarrassing,” saying employees “made a spectacle” of her. 

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Lowri also implied that she was pulled off the ice due to being covered in tattoos. “Would this happen if I didn’t look like this? I don’t think so,” she said in the video.

“Screw you Karen for ruining my Winter Wonderland experience, and you screw you Winter Wonderland staff for complying with a Karen,” Lowri continued. “They’re Karens, they’re gonna be b*tches.”

The model received a lot of support in the comment section.

“What a horrible experience! Well done for standing your ground,” one user wrote.

“You tell them girl! They’re clearly jealous,” another added.

“Why can’t women just be left alone, I’m sick of it,” someone else commented.

Shortly after her TikTok video was posted, Winter Wonderland reportedly reached out to Lowri to apologize and offer her a refund. 

“The respect has been restored. Fuming no more,” she wrote on Twitter.

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