What Happened To Renard Spivey?

A former TV Bailiff was accused of killing his wife after a fight over sex.

The case of Renard Spivey has drawn incredible attention online in the years since he was first arrested and accused of murdering his wife. Spivey, who was a veteran of the Harris County Sheriff’s Department in Houston, Texas, was first arrested in 2019 and accused of shooting and killing his wife, Patricia, who was 52 at the time. Spivey’s story is attracting newfound attention thanks to a viral clip from his time as a TV bailiff.

What happened to Renard Spivey?

Spivey initially called 911 because he had been shot in the leg. At the time, he told authorities that Patricia had shot him in the leg as the two were tussling over a gun. He also said that they had been arguing all day, but detectives who arrived at the scene said that his account was inconsistent with the scene.

Renard Spivey Justice for All With Judge Christina Perez

Patricia’s body was found in the master bedroom closet, and her brother told ABC13 at the time that they had been fighting about their lack of intimacy. Patricia apparently suspected that Spivey was either on steroids or having an affair.

“I never thought that he’d go that far,” Patricia’s brother said at the time. “I should have acted on it and that’s going to eat me up for a long time, forever. But him saying that and then acting on it, I gave him the benefit of the doubt.”

Spivey’s story is viral because of his time as a TV bailiff.

In addition to his work as a member of the Harris County Sheriff’s Department, Spivey also worked as an actor and was the bailiff on Justice for All With Judge Christina Perez from 2012 to 2016. In a clip that is now going viral, a couple on the show is arguing about their marriage, and Judge Perez turns to Spivey to ask him how long he’s been married.

Spivey replies that he’s been married for over 27 years, and either the plaintiff or the defendant says that he looks “mad.” Spivey seems to be taken aback, and the audience in the courtroom laughs. “You don’t look happy, brother. You don’t look happy,” the man says. The judge then chimes in to say “he’s very happy,” only for the clip to cut away to news reporting about Spivey’s case.

This case is a tragedy at its core, but it’s made even stranger by this somewhat random clip in which a member of Christina Perez’s courtroom seems to notice that Spivey looks unhappy in his marriage.

In that clip, you also get a sense of just how large Spivey is. Reporting at the time suggested that he had more than 100 pounds on Patricia.

It can be easy for the media to sensationalize these kinds of murders, especially when they involve a member of law enforcement. In this case, though, that clip only adds more fuel to the fire, even if that fuel comes three full years after the incident in question.

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