What Happened To Sparky Clarky? The OnlyFans Model Fired From Car Sales Job After Her Spicy Videos

A Florida woman claims she was fired from her job at a car dealership after her coworkers were so distracted by her OnlyFans videos they couldn’t get any work done.

Sparky Clarky, an OnlyFans model whose content is making her six figures, revealed that her leaked videos ended up costing her a job as a car saleswoman.

Prior to being fired, Clarky’s job was to travel to different dealerships to negotiate deals, but things fell apart for her when spicy photos of her leaked around the office.

According to the model, as soon as one dealership got wind of her side hustle, she was no longer welcome there, and that ended up having ramifications for her overall.

Florida woman says her company subscribed to her OnlyFans

Speaking with The Star, Clarky recalled a conversation she had with her boss about the dealership and her OF content causing challenges.

“My boss spoke with the person in question at this dealership who had an issue with me and he told him I was a distraction and none of his employees got anything done when I was there,” she said. “So I wasn’t allowed back and when this was said to me it didn’t sit well. It sounded like classic sexual discrimination bordering on harassment.”

OF model fired, Sparky Clarky
Sparky’s OF content was “distracting” to her coworkers.

Eventually, the model had several talks with HR who began asking her a series of personal questions that made her feel uncomfortable.

“At one point they brought up a photo being sent to them and had me pull over on my birthday on the way to a client to show me a topless photo of myself wearing a blue polo,” she explained.

“They questioned if it was a work shirt and if I was conducting business during work hours. No logo or anything was shown and in fact, it appeared that my own company had subbed to my OnlyFans page to look at my content in depth.”

It wasn’t long after that that the model and her company moved on, but she remains adamant that she was a victim of discrimination.

Despite losing her job, however, Sparky seems to have come out on top thanks to her content earning her a ton of cash over the years.

She’s far from the first OF star to be fired either. Just this year, a teacher went viral after she and her husband were caught filming videos on students’ desks in school.

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