What Happened To Weronika? TikToker Polish_99 Says Her Head “Exploded” While On Flight Post-Plastic Surgery

A TikToker went viral after explaining how the back of her head “exploded” during a flight post-plastic surgery.

Content creator Weronika (polish_99) shared a video of herself sporting a brace around her head with bruising across her face and under her eyes.

“POV: you’re the flight attendant that I’ve just had to inform the back of my head exploded from the pressure,” she captioned the TikTok clip, which amassed over 5.6 million views.

Viewers in the comments were desperate to find out what happened to the TikToker and OnlyFans model, and she’s finally shared the full story in a series of viral videos.


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TikToker Weronika details how her head “exploded”

Weronika explained that she had undergone surgery before boarding the plane, and some of her stitches burst open due to cabin pressure.

“No one made any mistake, the original surgeon or the airport doctor at the hospital,” she said. “Everything was fine when I got on the plane.

“I have unusually soft tissue and swell more than the average person which led to some of the stitches coming open on the plane in one tiny area,” she continued.

Prior to her flight, Weronika had scheduled a final consultation with her plastic surgeon. The TikToker said she was having a follow-up from her ‘cat eye’ surgery, whereby the surgeon was happy with her recovery so far, and said he would give her a fit to fly certificate.

However, the surgeon forgot to do so, so it had to be done by a different doctor when Weronika arrived at the airport.


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It wasn’t until Weronika’s plane was in the air that things went horribly wrong.

“We were on the plane, everything’s chill, we’d gone to sleep because we’d been traveling since 2 AM and I wake up and I’m in a lot of pain,” she recalled.

“I can feel pain all around [behind my left ear], like my actual ear was in pain as well and I was like, ‘How is that possible? I can’t even feel my ears yet.’”

She continued: “Everything was really hurting, I got up, went to the toilet and I heard this audible pop.”

At that moment, Weronika realized the incision behind her left ear had split open. “Immediately after I felt this hot liquid [blood] dripping down my neck and I grabbed some towels and started wiping it up,” she said.

The TikToker thinks the “explosion” happened because she had a drain in the exact area that popped open, meaning fluid would collect there. She couldn’t do anything except keep pressure on the wound until the plane landed.

Fortunately, judging by her most recent videos, Weronika seems to have sorted the problem and is recovering.

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