Who Is Isabell McGuire? The “Hot” Electrician Is Going Viral On TikTok

A “gorgeous” electrician, Isabell McGuire is taking over TikTok with her good looks resulting in an overwhelming amount of marriage proposals being thrown her way.

When you think of electricians, you probably don’t imagine a woman like Isabell McGuire, a model young blonde who is more than capable of handling power tools.

In a series of TikTok videos, the content creator has gone viral, posing in her dirty work attire while dancing to hit tunes.

The first video managed to amass over 9.8 million views with a second posted on October 12 looking to do the same as it nears 1M at the time of posting.

However, McGuire’s hit clips have earned her some adoring fans who can’t stop trying to flirt with the electrician and see if there’s a spark between them.

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Electrician goes viral on TikTok with “hot” videos

Appearing to be in the process of getting a large project done, the influencer wore work boots, dusty pants, and a belt while still looking like she had just got back from the salon.

Amazingly, McGuire admitted that she wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary commenting: “No makeup on and the hair is a week old from the hairdressers.”

In comments, users posted multiple marriage proposals while others tried to see if they could book her to come over to their homes and check on the wiring.

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“Suddenly my house needs a rewire,” one said.

“I think my plug socket needs changing or something,” joked another.

“Hot,” someone else simply replied.

So far, the tradeswoman’s craft has earned her over 120,000 followers on the platform. Not bad for just showing up to work and dancing to ‘Smack That’ by Akon.

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