Who Is Meet Don Pollo? Meet The Hilarious TikToker

Meet Don Pollo, the hilarious Spanish-speaking TikToker with a massive following.

Folks that use frequent TikTok are very aware that the short-form video app is filled with tons of personalities. Over the years, we’ve marveled at stars such as Roger Skaer with his hilarious “f–k around and find out video” and Keith Parris, aka “The Icy Amputee Warrior,” who’s a beauty and fashion influencer. And now, we can add Don Pollo to the eclectic mix of influencers.

Don Pollo, a Spanish-speaking influencer, has done pretty well on the app by showcasing his personality and seemingly strong passion for a good meal. So, is Don Pollo worth a follow? Here’s everything that we know.

Don Pollo

Don Pollo, aka the King of Ohio, gained notoriety after sharing videos of himself attempting to enjoy meals in his car while often being interrupted by his phone.

We can all agree that enjoying our meals uninterrupted is the best-case scenario. However, when minor interruptions such as the doorbell ringing or your phone going off gets in the way, it’s easy to appear annoyed — and Don Pollo showcases that feeling on a regular basis.

Since joining the app, Don (real name: Augustin) has made it a point to share videos of himself feasting on tasty meals such as fried chicken, toast, and other means in and out of his car. In fact, many instances of Don enjoying his meals are interrupted by the sounds of ringtones and other loud noises.

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What makes his videos so appealing is the fact that he always looks so annoyed when he’s disturbed. Plus, he makes his meals look pretty good as he works his way to an empty plate.

According to Know Your Meme, Don is known for the El Que Quiera Perder Su Tiempo sound, also known as El Que Quiera Perder El Tiempo, which is used as a method of goofing off and derailing conversations.

It all started when Don successfully went viral in June 2022 after eating a whole rotisserie chicken in his car when soon after his phone started ringing which forced him to stop recording. As a result, the video has received nearly 475,000 likes, as of writing. In addition, the outlet shares that TikToker @islurwhenitalk_123 was the first user to incorporate the sound in a TikTok, which went on to create a life of its own.

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Don Pollo was given the title of “King of Ohio” after it was discovered that he worked at an Ohio high school. And while there are many people that can be given the title, Don reigns supreme due to his popularity on TikTok.

Don Pollo has amassed 1.1 million followers and counting.

Cheers to the power of TikTok! As of writing, Don Pollo has earned 1.1 million followers.

It has long been said that gaining a massive following comes from being unapologetically yourself and showcasing your personality, which is something Don excels in. While some folks may be unable to decipher what he’s saying, seeing Don tell stories while working his way through a plate of food is quite entertaining.

That said, we can assume that Don Pollo will continue to not miss any meals and grow his following in the process.

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