Who Is Savannah ‘VanVan’? The Young Rapper’s Parents, Age, Real Name, Biography, Songs, Wiki, Instagram

There is a new internet sensation named Van Van who is taking over the internet with her dope bars and lyrics.

There are instances where babies make their parents famous, wealthy and become a blessing to them entirely. Let’s take YouTube for an example; Ryan Kaji who’s known on the platform for his channel “RyansWorld” is one of the famous people in the world. He rubs shoulders with old YouTubers and even makes huge money than them. His fame led to many asking about his parents, although they’re the force behind his rise.

Aside from Ryan, there are other kid-YouTubers like Kids Diana Show, Toys and Little Gaby, Kyle Gierdorf, and Everleigh Rose Soutas just to mention a few.

In April 2023, the world has witnessed a new sensation who is not a YouTuber but this time, a rapper. The adorable baby girl is called Savannah McConneaughey best known by her moniker Van Van. Netizens are impressed with Van Van’s skills at such a young age, and many predict she will become a star soon

VanVan posing for a picture.
Image Source: Instagram @therealvanvan_

Who is Van Van the little rapper?

Van Van whose real name Savannah McConneaughey was born to Reggie on 2018. This makes her a 4 year-old child who is turning 5 this year.

The cute girl raps about almost anything; all she needs is a beat. Videos of the young girl rapping about her day at school, the things she likes to do, and her ABC’s and 123’s have taken over the internet.

The little girl’s dad provides the beat in the background and also doubles as her hypeman as she delivers her rap.

She started singing and showing her love for music at age 2 and has freestyled one of Grammy award winner Tems’ songs.

While doing her rap, Van Van also delivers dance steps and makes faces that make people doubt if she’s really four.

Her mother whose name has not been revealed is currently pregnant with her little sister whose name was revealed in one of her videos as Tammie.

Within a few days of fame, Van Van has amssed huge social media followings. On Instagram, she has over 130 thousands followers, and over 96,000 followers on TikTok with over 2 million likes.

She hopes to someday work with Disney, Nickelodeon, and famous American filmmaker, Tyler Perry. She wants to appear on Abbolt Elementary, according to BET.

See a compilation of some of Van Van’s viral rap videos on the internet:

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