What Happened To Lexi and Hayden? Details On Why People Hate The TikTok Couple

TikTok’s favorite couple, Lexi and Hayden, Are getting dragged on Reddit — Here’s Why

The new couple that everyone loves to hate on TikTok go by Lexi and Hayden. Posting under the handle @lexi_and_hayden, these two have garnered a following due to their unique lifestyle. The duo lives in a camper in Oklahoma, and as of late, they both work jobs at night. As Lexi explained in this video, Hayden works until 5 a.m. and she works until 7 a.m. When she returns home from work, they usually hit the hay until about 2 or 3 p.m.

Other fun facts about the couple: Lexi loves to sing and Hayden frequently plays video games. They also share a dog named Alex.

Their exact birthdates are unknown, but Lexi previously noted that she was 19 years old. In September, she also wished Hayden a happy 21st birthday.

But despite the couple’s 136,000 followers, they’ve got a few haters out there. Negative conversations about the couple have started to populate on Reddit. In fact, a whole community dubbed r/Lexi_and_HaydenSnark Lounge now exists.

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Why do people seem to hate on TikTok’s Lexi and Hayden so much?

Per the r/Lexi_and_HaydenSnark Lounge, most of the animosity appears to be toward Lexi, who is the main face of the account. In one comment a person explained that Lexi is disliked because her stories often don’t line up and she “begs, saying [that] they can’t afford groceries or laundry, but then goes out and buys a $200 game monitor.”

In another post, someone pointed out that Lexi was wearing an Apple watch despite citing financial troubles.

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In another post, one user offered more alleged details as to why folks weren’t too keen on the couple, especially Lexi. “They leave rotting food in their fridge, they leave raw meat on their stove. They just don’t clean, don’t pick up after each other yet she claims she’s a ‘housewife’ all because she makes him a pb&j for lunch,” the user wrote.

Users also harped on Lexi’s alleged tendency to lie in her videos.

One person wrote: “It’s just a bunch of weird, small lies. That makes one wonder, ‘What is the point of that? Why lie?’ For example: She once claimed she’s an only child, and grandchild, and has no cousins. Then says she has one cousin. It’s just weird.”

Other users claimed that she lies about cleaning up the camper and about being in school.

Most recently, Lexi allegedly started spreading lies online about Hayden’s cousin Hayley Wertman (@haleywertman21), and things turned ugly. Lexi appeared to have gotten physical with Hayley.

Furthermore, a Reddit user named u/Pine_apple-bra, who claimed to be Hayley, wrote the following message in the community: “In case you guys want some tea. I got assaulted tonight by Lexi for confronting her!”

It’s unclear exactly what happened between these two, but they definitely don’t like each other.

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