How Many Kids Does YG Have and Who Are His Baby Mamas?

Does rapper YG have children, and who are the mothers of his kids? Fans believe that YG is expecting a baby with Brittany Renner — Is It True?

Nothing gets social media talking like the news of celebrity pregnancy. Thanks to rapper YG, social media has been set ablaze with rumors of the Compton MC possibly expecting a child. And who is the rumored baby mama? That will be an Instagram influencer, Brittany Renner.

It appears that the news may be nothing more than a publicity stunt, but fans are now interested in learning more about the 32-year-old’s family life — and of course, whether YG and Brittany are actually an item. That said, how many kids does YG really have? Keep reading to get the full scoop.

YG and Brittany Renner

YG is a proud father of two children with his girlfriend Catelyn Sparks.

Oh baby! If you’re just getting familiar with YG’s family tree, allow us to lay it all out on the table. The MC is currently a father of two children: 7-year-old Harmony, born in May 2015, and 3-year-old Vibe, born on July 13, 2019.

The rapper shares both girls with his longtime girlfriend, Catelyn SparksEarnTheNecklace shares that the exact time YG and Catelyn started dating is unknown, but the pair have been on and off for quite some time.

Is YG dating Brittany Renner and are they expecting a child together?

Brittany Renner is not YG’s new baby mama, but they do know how to get social media talking.

If you’ve been keeping up with social media, you’ve likely stumbled upon YG’s cover art for his new song “Toxic.” The rapper took to Instagram to share the image on Thursday, August 11, 2022.

In the photo, YG can be seen kissing Brittany Renner’s “baby bump.” In the caption, YG says “Aye, @bundleofbrittany, you TOXIC.”

Brittany also returned the favor with a screenshot of the photo on her Instagram Stories with text that read “Oh baby.”

However, it’s safe to say that YG and Brittany are not becoming parents. Even though YG and Brittany sparked dating rumors in April 2022 after being spotted out on an ice cream run together with Brittany holding on to the rapper’s arm and being flirty, it’s not what it seems. The pair are reportedly just friends.

As for the photo and the baby bump, it’s all for show — the image serves as nothing more than promo. YG officially released the track at 12 a.m. EST, and judging by the response from YG fans, the song is a hit.

Brittany Renner

Who are Brittany Renner’s baby daddies?

Brittany is already a mother, having given birth to a son with Charlotte Hornets forward PJ Washington in May of 2021. Brittany’s relationship with PJ seems to have ended on bad terms, with PJ posting cryptic messages suggesting that Brittany had done something awful. In a podcast appearance in November of last year, Brittany said that she didn’t have any plan to entrap or ensnare PJ.

“You asked me to move in with you. You wanted me to have your child at 22 years old. And here we are. I told you, ‘I’m ok to wait. I’m not in a rush,’” she said, explaining how she wound up with PJ’s child at such a young age. She went on to suggest that PJ was lacking in maturity and that that played a role in their split.

“You’re old enough to ride this ride. You want to f–k with me… so why are we babying men that are making a decision for themselves?” she asked. “I was on birth control up until I had a conversation with my baby father… I have no reason to lie about anything that I have done or the person that I am and I believe in full transparency.”

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