25 YouTube Gamer Evan Fong (VanossGaming) Biography Fun Facts: Net Worth, Age, Crew, Friends, Salary, Girlfriend, Wiki, Bio, Instagram, Etc

How much money does Vanoss Gaming make on YouTube? How rich is VanossGaming? Everything to know about YouTuber Evan Fong.

Evan Fong is a YouTube phenomenon known as Vanoss who founded the Vanoss Crew. He makes hilarious gaming videos, his most popular primarily being for the game Grand Theft Auto, for his more than 25 million subscribers. 

He featured fellow YouTubers Wildcat, Delirious, Terroriser, and Lui Calibre in his YouTube series “The Magic Tomato.”

Besides playing video games, he grew up playing sports like hockey as well as electric and acoustic guitar. He later began producing music under the stage name RYNX. 

Born and raised in Canada, he is half Korean and half Chinese. When he got started with YouTube, his parents encouraged him to not forget about his schoolwork.

How much does Evan Fong make a year? How much does Vanoss make a year? Is Evan Fong rich? How much does the Vanoss crew make? How old is Vanoss? Did Vanoss go to college? What is Vanoss height? How did Vanoss get famous? Does Vanoss have a family? What nationalityy is Vanoss? What does Vanoss use to edit? Read on to find answers to these and more Google search queries.

Profile Summary

Celebrated Name:VanossGaming
Net Worth:$25 Million
Salary:$185.3K – $3M from YouTube ads
Full Real Name:Evan Fong
Date of Birth:May 31, 1992
Age:29 years old
Place of Birth:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Profession:Internet personality, video game commentator, record producer, deejay
Height:5 feet 11.25 inches (181 cm) tall
Weight:175 lbs (79 kg)
Zodiac Sign:Gemini
Vanoss Crews:H2ODelirious; I AM WILDCAT; Daithi De Nogla(mostly); Terroriser(mostly);Moo Snuckel(mostly); BasicallyIDoWrk; fourzer0seven; BigJigglyPanda
YouTube Channels:VanossGaming; Rynx
YouTube Subscribers:25.6 million subs
Instagram:@evanfong; @vanossinstagram; @rynxmanjones
Twitter:@vanossgaming; @EvanFong; @Rynx
Facebook:Vanoss Gaming
25 YouTube Gamer Evan Fong (VanossGaming) Biography Fun Facts: Net Worth, Age, Crew, Friends, Salary, Girlfriend, Wiki, Bio, Instagram, Etc

1. Who is VanossGaming?

VanossGaming is a popular Canadian-based YouTube channel managed by Evan Fong which is dedicated to video game commentating. His works include compilations of “funny moments” of Grand Theft Auto VGarry’s Modthe Call of Duty series, and numerous other games. His videos mostly feature multiplayer sessions with his friends. 

2. Why is VanossGaming famous?

Evan Fong is also known as VanossGaming, a popular YouTuber known for his exceptional editing skills and ironic humor. He is also a musician known for his stage name Rynx. His YouTube channel VanossGaming has more than 25 million subscribers and more than fourteen billion views making it one of the 20 most subscribers channels.

3. Where and when was Evan Fong born?

Canadian YouTuber, Evan Fong aka VanossGaming, or just Vanoss was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on May 31, 1992. This means Evan is 29 years old and celebrates his birthday in May of each year.

4. Where does Vanoss live?

Vanoss is an Asian, half Korean (maternal), and half Chinese (paternal), and was born in Toronto, Canada, but currently lives in Los Angeles, California. He can speak some French.

25 YouTube Gamer Evan Fong (VanossGaming) Biography Fun Facts: Net Worth, Age, Crew, Friends, Salary, Girlfriend, Wiki, Bio, Instagram, Etc

5. What is Evan Fong’s zodiac sign?

According to Astrologers, Evan Fong’s zodiac sign is Gemini. People born in May fall under the birth sign Gemini, the Twins. Evan Fong is the 62nd most popular Gemini.

6. How tall is Evan Fong?

He is said to be 5 feet 11.25 inches (181 cm) tall and weighs 175 lbs (79 kg).

7. What school did Evan Fong attend?

He dropped out of college where he was studying economics to focus on YouTube.

8. Hobbies

He has a love for hockey and used to play, stating that he wants to make quality hockey videos in the future. He has played hockey since the age of six and has played competitively against many teams in Canada. His favorite hockey team is the Pittsburgh Penguins. He also has an interest in playing the guitar and has learned all the Metallica songs by heart. Vanoss is also a professional musician who goes by the name of Rynx. He likes rap, rock, heavy metal, electronic music, and several other music genres. He also has a habit of alternating between his favorites.

9. Face Reveal & Personality

The first time Vanoss showed his face was for his one million subscriber special in 2013, with the second being in 2014, when he took part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (in which he poured a mixture of iced tea, Smirnoff ice, ice cream and so on instead of water).

Vanoss only revealed his face in a few videos, but his GTA V character greatly resembles him in real life (though he mostly wears an owl mask).

He is known to be a very calm guy as well as a great joker, but as much as he enjoys messing around, when Vanoss plays seriously, he is quite experienced.

He sometimes goes to events to either have fun or interact with his fans, most of the time, to does both.

He is also known for putting others on the map and being extremely selfless, even with the wacky videos that he produces.

10. Who is Evan Fong dating now?

Evan Fong is reportedly dating a lady called Sydney. There have been a couple of pictures of the two kissing at the beach

11. Who are Evan Fong’s parents and siblings?

Born and raised in Canada to a Korean mother and Chinese father, his parents encouraged him to not forget about his schoolwork when he got started with YouTube. There is no information regarding his father’s name and his mother’s name. Also, there is no information about Fong’s siblings.

12. How many subscribers does VanossGaming have?

Evan Fong created the Vanoss Gaming youtube channel on September 14, 2011, and it has amassed 25.6 million subscribers (as of the time of this article). With 1,542 uploaded videos on the channel, it has accumulated a total view of 14,715,837,408 in 2022. His channel is ranked the 134th most subscribed channel, 5th most subscribed channel in Canada, and the 15th best Gaming channel on YouTube.

13. What are VanossGaming’s first video and most viewed videos on the channel?

The first-ever video on the Vanoss YouTube channel was shared 9 years ago and it was titled “It Doesn’t Matter Song” which has garnered 5.1 million views in 2022.

The most popular or most viewed video on the channel is titled “Gmod Sandbox – The Toys Escape (Garry’s Mod skits and funny moments)” which was shared 7 years ago and has gathered 63 million views in 2022.

14. What does VanossGaming use to edit?

VanossGaming on Twitter answered a fan who asked about his camera and editing skills and he replied with “@ShadyMobHD I use the Elgato and sony vegas. Pretty standard stuff, but it works well”.

15. VanossGaming YouTube Channel Content, Information & History

He has recently helped create a game with other YouTubers called Dead Realm, much like Garry’s Mod game mode hide and seek.

The videos often feature Fong and his friends making jokes or talking over playing games like Call of Duty: World at War or Grand Theft Auto V. The name VanossGaming comes from his father’s PlayStation 3 alias which Fong adopted. It was originally derived from the variable valve timing system by BMW called VANOS.

Vanoss has been on a web cartoon series called “Paranormal Action Squad.” He voices a character based on his owl mask-wearing persona from Grand Theft Auto Online. Paranormal Action Squad can be found on YouTube Red.

Vanoss’s content mainly includes funny moments of him and his friends playing various games. In fact, it is a rare occasion for him to post content without at least one of his friends in the video. His friends include but are not limited to H2ODelirious, Moo Snuckel, I AM WILDCAT, Daithi De Nogla, BasicallyIDoWrk, Mr. Sark, fourzer0seven, Terroriser, SMii7Y, BigJigglyPanda, and others. This group of people can be referred to as the “Vanoss Crew”, the “Banana Bus Squad”, or even “Team 6”, after they parodied Jake Paul‘s “Team 10” group in his animation series.

The channel sits as one of YouTube’s most abundant in views and subscribers, due to YouTube viewers relating and emphasizing the channel’s aura of casually playing games and having a good time with friends. It is also due to its mix of comedic banter with his friends and having some of the most highly acclaimed edited videos on YouTube.

An interesting thing to note about his channel is that unlike the fanbases of other big YouTube channels like PewDiePie or Smosh, who are known to have a rather rabid fanbase as well as intense arguments in the comment section between haters & fans alike, the VanossGaming fanbase is one of the most, if not the most, positive fanbases on YouTube. Vanoss’ comment sections are filled with positive and friendly feedback and discussions, with arguments rarely breaking out. This is extraordinarily unusual for a YouTube channel exceeding 20 million subscribers, indicating that Vanoss does a good job of delivering a positive upbeat aura for his viewers as well as portraying an entertaining and mischievous character in his videos.

His humor is childish and inappropriate and he is much liked by children/teenagers and also adults as a result. This is one of the reasons why sometimes a joke he makes in video trends. An example includes a joke he made in 2015 by “Hoodini”.

Vanoss has often been compared to fellow gaming YouTuber PewDiePie, who also has the most subscribed non-company channel on the site, as they both have a similar style of gaming. Occasionally, Vanoss also uploads an animation based on an original sketch or a previously uploaded gaming video.

Vanoss’ channel logo consists of an owl head; he usually does not show his face, unless it is for an important occasion. His owl head is the mask of his in-game character models for many of the games he plays, including Garry’s Mod and Grand Theft Auto V.

He reached his peak in 2014, when he gained 6.6 million subscribers in that year alone, at one point gaining a million subscribers a month, more than any other channel except PewDiePie. In that year, he would occasionally gain more subscribers than any other YouTube channel.

From January 2015 to January 2016, he was the second most subscribed gaming channel behind PewDiePie, but since dropped to eighth behind him, elrubiusOMG, Fernanfloo, JuegaGerman, VEGETTA777, Markiplier, and jacksepticeye. Vanoss also experienced one span as the most subscribed Canadian channel on YouTube from January 2015 to September 2015, before being surpassed by JustinBieberVEVO; he is now the third most subscribed in Canada.

16. YouTube Channel Growth, Views & Subscriber Milestone

According to SocialBlade, upon starting in September of 2011, Vanoss’ channel didn’t really start growing a fanbase until the start of 2012. By July of 2012, he was gaining approximately 18.9 thousand monthly subs.

He started to become more and more popular, as approximately one year later, he was gaining around 361.3 thousand monthly subs. Vanoss’ rapid growth didn’t stop there, as he earned an incredible 1.1 million monthly subs by the start of 2014, the most subscribers he ever got in a single month, more than many channels like Smosh in January of 2014 as well. Vanoss hit his first billion views on July 19 of that year and hit his second billion views on January 28, the next year.

Around that time, when he was on his way to surpassing the former most subscribed YouTuber, Ray William Johnson, he and his channel started to receive much media attention, mostly positive, with commentators viewing and labeling him as a prominent part and example of the subculture of video game commentary.

Many of them also say that Vanoss has revolutionized the subculture by making his videos more of movies than gameplays by his video style consisting of more planning on how to entertain his audience and to get them intrigued in the game, rather than spontaneous reactions trying to do the same.

His animations have also been well received by the media as being of great quality, entertainment, and presentation-wise which has gained even more fans as a subscriber to his channel.

Since Vanoss evolved to become one of the biggest contenders to knock off PewDiePie long with HolaSoyGerman and the great Smosh. However, 2015 was the year his growth started to slow down. More channels were starting to gain more subscribers and views than him and some started to surpass him towards the end of that year and so forth. He did, however, receive his 3 billionth video view around this time on September 25.

Vanoss still gained many new fans in 2016 but not as quickly as before. Despite this, Vanoss still remains one of the most subscribed YouTube channels of all time, peaking at #12 in both 2015 and 2017. He also gained the most views he ever had that year, receiving 4 billion views on his YouTube channel on February 2, 2016, 5 billion on June 8, and 6 billion on October 25 of that year. On April 14, 2017, his channel hit 7 billion total video views and reached 8 billion on September 20. So far in 2018, he has reached 9 billion total video views on March 9 and 10 billion on October 14.

17. Who are the members of Banana Bus Squad/Team 6/The Vanoss Crew?

Group of gamers who came together early in their YouTube careers for collaborative efforts with all members keeping to their respective personal channels. Vanoss is the name for Evan Fong.

The channel Viral Now went through the history of the crew in a video called “The Evolution of The Vanoss Crew” which was published in October of 2017. Below are the full names of the Vanoss crew;

  • H2ODelirious
  • Daithi De Nogla(mostly)
  • Terroriser(mostly)
  • Moo Snuckel(mostly)
  • BasicallyIDoWrk
  • fourzer0seven
  • BigJigglyPanda
  • Associates/Other Friends:
  • SMii7Y
  • Kryoz
  • CaRtOoNz
  • Bigpuffer
  • SilentDroidd
  • Mr. Sark
  • Sp00nerism
  • Racingcatz
  • Screwologist
  • Bryce Games
  • Former Members/Friends:
  • SoCloseToToast
  • Ohmwrecker / Maskedgamer (formerly)
  • Lui Calibre (formerly)
  • Mini Ladd (formerly)


On July 25, 2015, Evan announced that he had been working on a game called Dead Realm with a few of his friends for “the last six or seven months” as a creative director.

It seems to be similar to Gmod Hide-n-Seek, with the hiders being humans and the seeker being a ghost. If a hider gets caught, they become a spirit and help the ghost find humans. If time runs out, the hiders win. If everyone is dead, the ghosts win. After six months of working on the project as gaming directors, Vanoss, DaithiDeNogla, Moo Snuckel, Mini Ladd, Terroriser, TheSyndicateProject, and SeaNanners worked with 3BlackDot and released the Early Access version for PC on August 3, 2015. Patches were added to the game over time, adding new ghosts and maps. Four new game modes have been added since the game’s release. Dead Realm officially left Early Access on May 24, 2017.

19. Alpha Betas

Alpha Betas is a 2021 cartoon created by Chris Bruno & David Lee, produced by 3BLACKDOT and Bush House, and starring Evan Fong, Tyler Wine, Brian Hanby, and Marcel Cunningham as the four main characters with roles as Eddie, Tommy, Buck, and Mason. Evan, Tyler, Brian, and Marcel also serve as executive producers.

On February 11th, 2021, Evan posted Alpha Betas – Official Trailer, hyping up the upcoming show for a March 13th pilot premiere.

20. Awards and Recognitions

In 2014 Fong was nominated for a The Game Award for Trending Gamer and in 2016 he has nominated for a Shorty Award for Tech and Innovation: Gaming.

21. How much money does VanossGaming make on YouTube?

Evan Fong’s Vanoss Gaming channel generates estimated earnings of $515 – $8.2K in a day according to Social Blade. The VanossGaming channel makes estimated revenue of $3.6K – $57.7K in a week from YouTube ads.

In a month, the VanossGaming channel makes an estimated income of $15.4K – $247.1K. The VanossGaming YouTube channel makes an estimated salary of $185.3K – $3M in a year from displayed ads on its videos.

22. What is VanossGaming net worth?

Evan Fong (VanossGaming) is a Canadian gamer and internet personality who is one of the richest YouTubers in the world with a net worth of $25 million.

YouTube Earnings: In 2017, Evan Fong was the second-highest-paid personality on YouTube. It’s estimated that he earned $15 million in 2017 alone off the platform and through his various other endeavors. In 2018 he earned $18.5 million which made him one of the 10 highest-paid YouTube stars on the planet. In 2019 he made $11.5 million.

23. Vanoss Gaming Social Media Accounts

Twitter: @vanossgaming; @EvanFong; @Rynx

YouTube: VanossGaming; Rynx

Instagram: @evanfong; @vanossinstagram; @rynxmanjones

Facebook: Vanoss Gaming

24. Trivia

  • In WatchMojo’s “Top 10 Let’s Play YouTube Channels” Vanoss was ranked #2.
  • And in 2019, in Watchmojo’s “Top 10 YouTube Gaming Channels” Vanoss was ranked #7.
  • Vanoss was nominated for “Trending Gamer” in The Game Awards of 2014.
  • He gained interest in YouTube in 2007 and was inspired by people like whiteboy7thst and SeaNanners.
  • He has visited the Caribbean.
  • He claims he eats pasta more than rice, which contests the Asian stereotype.
  • Vanoss claims he is bad at mathematics, but he doesn’t find it terrible.
  • His favorite movies are Stepbrothers, Expendables, and Good Burger.
  • His favorite TV shows are Spongebob Squarepants, Dexter, The Office, and Breaking Bad.
  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is his favorite game.
  • He played with and against Jeff Skinner and Tyler Seguin from the NHL.
  • He tried marijuana in college but stopped after cooking a questionable batch of hamburgers.
  • He studied economics at university and is interested in entrepreneurship.
  • His name, Vanoss, is a reference to a BMW part (vanos) and was originally carried over from an account that his father made: vanoss62. Vanoss often used his father’s account in his younger days, so when it was time to choose a name for his Youtube channel, he stuck with “Vanoss” and ended up with “VanossGaming”.
  • Vanoss said that his greatest accomplishment was when he won a hockey skills competition at the age of ten.
  • As a child, he wasn’t fully introduced to video games because of hockey. However, the first games he played and recalls playing are Freddy the Fish, Pajama Sam, Crash Bandicoot, and Duke Nukem 3D.
  • During his hockey career, he played in the Ontario Junior Hockey League.
  • He has also played on four hockey teams (from most recent to oldest): Aurora Tigers, Dixie BeeHives, Vaughan Vipers, and Villanova Knights.
  • VanossGaming was the first to have a brand new GMOD Player Model (the others were BasicallyIDoWrk, Daithi De Nogla, H2O Delirious, Fourzer0seven, and CaRtOoNz)
  • He has a habit of killing his friends right before they accomplish something in GMod and GTA.
  • When he used the “Night Owl” aliases for his character, he was threatened with a lawsuit by DC Comics if he continued to use the Night Owl name, this is because, in the Watchmen series, there is a character named “Nite Owl”, one of the main protagonists in the comic book series, this prompted him to rename himself as “Bat Owl”
  • He is very good at working out who is the Impostor in “Among Us”, and thus he is nicknamed the Human Lie Detector.
  • He wants Mr. Sark to be his father.
  • In Gartic Phone, it is a running gag where he draws Wildcat in a humiliating manner whenever he is instructed to draw something that involves Pigs or Cats.


  • “Hey, guys. Vanoss here.” (Sometimes his intro if he wants to point something out before the video)
  • “ALRIGHT!” (Starting of most of his newer videos)
  • “♪Come on down to the Kame House and get your Dragon Balls♪” (Quote from Garry’s Mod Guess Who)
  • “What do you call a magic owl? Hoodini!” (Quote from GTA 5 Online Funny Moments – Comedy Club Fun!)
  • “Come on down to the Olive Garden and get your free breadsticks!”
  • “Hubbada!”
  • “Keep ‘er going!”
  • “You Right.” (Referencing his Rynx channel, where his first song was called, “U-Rite” and was used for a time as his outro song)
  • “Look who’s last to join again” (Making fun of Terroriser for always showing up last in a gaming session, most notably Golf It)
  • “We’re playing with a successful Irish YouTuber” (Making fun of Terroriser, again, when he sees Brian wearing a Jacksepticeye skin in a session of Ben and Ed)
  • “Hoodini”

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