90 Zach King Facts: How Much Money Does Zach King Make, Have? Net Worth, Income Sources, TikTok, YouTube, Wife, Photos

Is Zach King rich? Who is Zach King’s wife? When did Zach King get married? All about the internet ‘magic’ personality that every fan should know.

Zach King, real name Zachary King is a 31-years-old American internet personality, filmmaker, Instagrammer, YouTuber, TikToker, and illusionist based in Los Angeles.

Zach King has a net worth of $6.5 million in 2021 and makes $180.9K – $2.9M in a year from YouTube ads according to Social Blade.

He became famous and most known for his “magic vines”, which are six-second videos digitally edited to look as if he is doing magic. He calls his videos “digital sleight of hand”.

Zach King is a married man and got married to his longtime girlfriend on December 28, 2014. Zach King and his wife Rachel have two children with the names: Liam Michael King, Mason King.

He is reported to earn anywhere between $25,075 and $41,791 per TikTok post and charge between $50,000-$100,000 per event.

He has teamed up with companies like Chrysler, Lacoste, Walt Disney Studios, Coca-Cola, and Universal Pictures, and Buick to promote their products in his videos.

Zach launched his first book series titled “My Magical Life.” Apart from social media revenue, Zach also earns money by producing short films for his company, King Studio. 

Having known his net worth, how much does Zach King make in a day, a month, a week, a year? How did Zach King get rich? How did Zach become famous? – Read till the end for answers to more google-searched enquires about the content creator.

Zach King’s Profile Summary

Full Name Zachary King.
Celebrated NameZach King or Final Cut King.
Birthday February 4, 1990.
Age31 years old.
Birth PlacePortland, Oregon.
ResidenceSanta Ana, California, Los Angeles, United States.
ProfessionInternet personality; filmmaker, Instagrammer, YouTuber, TikToker, and illusionist.
EthnicityHalf Chinese, half Austrian, and half Nicaraguan.
SpouseRachel King.
ChildrenZach has two sons namely: Liam Michael King, and Mason King.
Annual Income $180.9K – $2.9M from YouTube ads.
Net Worth in 2021$6.5 million
Zach King Facts

Check out these 90 interesting facts about the “magic” content creator, Zach King:

Zach King’s biography, wiki, real name, age, nationality, trivia, early life, educational background, and more…

#1. Full name: Zach King is known in real life as Zachary King.

#2. Nicknames: Zach is widely known online as Zach King or Final Cut King.

#3. Date of birth (birthday): Zach King was born on February 4, 1990.

#4. Age: He is age 31 years old.

#5. Profession: Zach King is an internet personality who does YouTube, film making, Instagram, and illusion for a living.

#6. Nationality: Zach King is an American.

#7. Birth Place: Zach King comes from Portland, Oregon, where he was born and raised.

#8. Ethnicity: Zach King is half Chinese, half Austrian, and half Nicaraguan.

#9. He graduated from Biola University with a Cinema and Media Arts Major in December 2012.

Zach King Facts


#10. Zach King is famous or most known for his magic videos on Vine and which are usually 6 seconds long that’s edited to look like he’s doing magic.

#11. King made a film when he was 7 with his home camera.

#12. When he was 14, he purchased a Mac computer, cameras, and a tripod as video equipment and started making and editing videos.

#13. He began posting videos on YouTube in 2008 and in 2013 he posted videos on Vine which you can find on YouTube since it shut down.

#14. He mostly posts magic videos on his YouTube channel which gained millions of views.

#15. He uses Final Cut Pro as his editing software to give it visual effects for his videos.

Zach King Facts
Zach King and his wife, Rachel.

Who is Zach King’s wife and when did he get married? (Personal Life)

#16. Zach King is married to his longtime girlfriend, Rachel King. They married on December 28, 2014.

#17. “Final Cut King” Zach King and his wife Rachel M. King have two children (s0ns) with the names: Liam Michael King, Mason King.

#18. In 2017, the couple used to reside in the community of Rossmoor.

#19. Residence: Currently, Zach King and his family live in Santa Ana, California, United States – he is based in Los Angeles.

#20. In 2016, they competed together on the Amazing Race 28 and they got 6th place.

Zach King Facts
Zach King, his wife Rachel, and their sons.

Zach King’s awards, Tv Shows, features

#21. He appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on January 29, 2014, and made several vines with his crew for the show.

#22. He once appeared in Zootopia as a cameo for a bonus scene.

#23. He’s won many awards when he gained popularity like the Vidcon Golden Poop award in 2012.

Zach King Facts

Who Is Zach King? 

#24. Before becoming the “Final Cut King,” Zach lived a fairly simple life with his family in Portland, Oregon where he grew up with three younger sisters. 

#25. His passion for filmmaking started at the early age of seven when he made his first film using a home video recorder. 

#26. By the time he was 14, he had gathered everything he needed to start filming and editing videos – including a Mac computer, cameras, tripods, and editing software.

#27. So it came as no surprise when he decided to major in Cinema and Media Arts at Biola University, from where he graduated in December 2012. 

How Did He Became So Famous? 

#28. After struggling to find good online tutorials for Apple’s editing software “Final Cut Pro,” Zach decided to take matters into his own hands by launching his website finalcutking.com in 2008. This gave him a platform to provide training and tips on how to use the software.

#29. Around the same time, he also started a YouTube channel where he would teach his followers how to edit videos. 

#30. His tutorials helped him gain a steady following until he could eventually sell training seminars and use the money to pay for college.

#31. Zach King was already diving deep into being an educator for other creators very early on in his career – and by finding a gap in resources online and sharing the skills he had with others, he built expertise.

#32. He built a following to allow him to capitalize off of his own creative work later on.

#33. It wasn’t long until he started earning income from making films, and it was from here that Zach King’s net worth slowly started to grow.

#34. But what he didn’t expect was to become a viral star… and all it took was one video. 

#35. In January 2011, Zach posted a video titled “Jedi Kittens” on his YouTube channel.

#36. It featured two kittens fighting with lightsabers, and within just three days, the video gained over a million views.

#37. So, he decided to upload two more sequels. Each video went on to rack up more than 27 million views – leading to YouTube naming him one of the 25 most promising young filmmakers in America.

#38. In the same year, Zach went on to win YouTube’s NextUp Creators contest and received $35,000 in funding for video production and mentoring.

#39. This also gave him an opportunity to attend a four-day YouTube Creator Camp in New York City, where he could further showcase his expertise in creating movie magic. 

#40. Zach King’s mind-bending visuals eventually found a new home on Vine in 2013. With over 3.4 million followers, the short-form video platform provided the perfect place for Zach to demonstrate his editing savvy skills in just six seconds

#41. As he began creating one Vine each day for 30 days, his fame grew substantially.

#42. And through product placements and brand sponsorships in his videos, Zach King’s net worth also started to increase. 

#43. Even today, compilations of his best Vine videos continue to pull in millions of views on YouTube

#44. After Vine shut down in 2016, Zach decided to open an account on Musical.ly (later renamed TikTok).

#45. His first video showed him escaping a prison cell by throwing himself against the jail bars. 

#46. While he was able to continue his success on TikTok, it was only three years later that he actually cemented his position as one of the biggest online creators.

#47. He was responsible for posting what would become the platform’s most viewed video.

#48. The video went on to receive an estimated two billion views online and escalated his net worth even further. 

How Much Does He Earn On Social Media? 

#49. Zach’s successful career is largely based on his ability to master different platforms so quickly. 

#50. By producing content that features his unique brand of video magic, he’s made the best use of every video-sharing app to increase his net worth.

#51. To date, Zach King’s YouTube channel has accumulated over 1.7 billion views, which means that he is able to generate a sizable portion of his income from YouTube ads alone.

#52. Since content creators from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia are usually paid $2-$12 for every 1,000 monetized views on YouTube, Zach should have easily been able to capitalize on the popularity he gained from his first viral video.

#53. Zach’s channel continues to receive an average of 1.6 million views per day – helping him generate an estimated $13,000 per day from ads. This amounts to almost $4.7 million a year in estimated annual revenue. 

#54. Partnerships are also a large contributor to Zach King’s net worth and income. 

#55. Over the years, he has teamed up with companies like Chrysler, Lacoste, and Buick to promote their products in his videos.

#56. When it comes to branded content, Zach chalks up his level of financial success to speed and creativity – being able to finish a project within only a week or two when it often takes others much longer.

#57. These brand deals must have easily generated hundreds of thousands of dollars, significantly boosting Zach King’s net worth as a whole. 

#58. As one of TikTok’s most-followed creators, Zach is able to monetize his content on the platform and generate a sizable income.

#59. He is reported to earn anywhere between $25,075 and $41,791 per TikTok post

#60. But it’s important to note that his TikTok stardom was built only on the basis of his significant following on other platforms such as YouTube and Vine – and the following he built by teaching editing. 

#61. This advantage is what allowed him to set a higher price than the average TikToker, and enabled him to grow his net worth quickly. 

#62. Zach is also known to host speaking engagements at a number of corporate events, fundraisers, social media campaigns, and private parties.

#63. He’s reported to charge between $50,000-$100,000 per event – which can add up to a huge amount of revenue depending on the number of speaking gigs taking place each month.

#64. Having made appearances on shows like Good Morning America and The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Zach has managed to reach a level of popularity that makes it easier for him to land high-profile speaking engagements

#65. Apart from social media revenue, Zach also earns money by producing short films for his company, King Studio. 

#66. The Los Angeles-based production studio has worked with globally recognized brands such as Walt Disney Studios, Coca-Cola, and Universal Pictures.

#67. While his rates may vary for every project, it is quite clear that his studio has maximized Zach King’s net worth and overall earnings. 

#68. Having pioneered storytelling technology, it wasn’t long before Zach launched his first book series titled “My Magical Life.” 

#69. Published by HarperCollins, the trilogy retails at around $18 and features an augmented reality app that brings the illustrations to life in 3D.

#70. These additional ventures have helped to further fuel his success as a content creator and as an entrepreneur – and Zach King’s net worth proves this too. 

Zach’s Income From Online Courses

#71. Zach seems to have become a fixture on almost every video-sharing app that’s out there today. 

#72. His childhood fascination with magic and storytelling has translated exceptionally well on every social media platform. 

#73. By producing stunning visuals for his online audience, and teaching them how to create similar effects, Zach has been able to create his own signature brand of content – making each video stand out from the rest. 

#74. If there’s one thing creators everywhere can learn from Zach’s success story, it’s his ability to curate video content that cuts through the social media noise. 

#75. This requires a deeper understanding of editing techniques and software that can help build creative momentum.

#76. While most creators struggle under the pressure of creating quality content all the time, learning digital trends or hacks can make it easy for them to remain consistent without putting in long, unsustainable hours. 

#77. As the Internet’s favorite “magician,” Zach has the distinct advantage of being able to share his knowledge of filmmaking and editing with an even wider audience.

#78. By designing online courses that can guide creators on how to become great editors, he can not only expand his current net worth but also reach more people than ever before with the teaching skills and expertise he’s already established on his own platforms – and this is one of the many benefits of opening an Academy.

Zach King Facts

How much does Zach King make in a day, a week, a month, a year from YouTube?

#79. Zach King makes an estimated daily income of $503 – $8K from YouTube according to Social Blade.

#80. Zach King earns an estimated weekly revenue of $3.5K – $56.3K from YouTube.

#81. Zach King makes a monthly salary of $15.1K – $241.3K from YouTube.

#82. Zach King earns $180.9K – $2.9M yearly income from YouTube ads.

Zach King Facts
Zach King attends Universal Pictures and DreamWorks Animation Premiere of “How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” at Regency Village Theatre on February 09, 2019, in Westwood, California. (Photo by Presley Ann/Getty Images)

What is Zach King’s Net Worth: $6.5 MILLION?

#83. Zach King has an estimated net worth of $6.5 million in 2021. He’s known for creating “magic vines,” or digitally altered video clips, that look like he’s performing unbelievable magic tricks.

#84. Zach King’s main source of income is YouTube ads, and social media sponsored posts. He is paid millions of bucks posting ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and other platforms.

#85. Also, Zach King earns from sponsorships and partnerships on his videos on YouTube.

#86. While Zach initially posted content on YouTube and the “now-defunct” platform, Vine, it was only after he uploaded his first video on TikTok that his following started to skyrocket.

#87. Today, he is the fifth-most followed creator on the platform with over 65.4 million followers. 

Zach King’s social media accounts

#88. Twitter @zachking

#89. Facebook @ZachKingVine

#90. Other media: Website/Merchandise, Instagram, TikTok, Amazon.

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