Twitch Streamer Keeoh Installs Insane Trampoline Inside His House

Twitch streamer and Cloud9 member Keeoh has gone viral for installing an entire trampoline into his house, a project that took over $500,000 to complete.

Twitch streamers are known to go viral for insane and often expensive streaming setups, but none reach the absolute craziness of this streamer.

Keeoh, who streams gaming for the esports organization Cloud9. Formerly a top-flight Fortnite and Overwatch player, Keeoh has transitioned to streaming on Twitch full time.

Now, the South California-based broadcaster has gone viral for making expensive renovations to his house to put a massive trampoline inside it.

Streamer installs massive in-house trampoline

Keeoh’s renovations to his SoCal home have cost upwards of $500,000 overall. The 24-year-old called the setup the “world’s first trampoline streaming studio.”

The Valorant streamer moved in with fellow content creators Grim and Shiro, a pair of friends who’ve come along for the trampoline-fueled ride.

To celebrate the completion of the renovations, Keeoh started a Twitch subathon which has been ongoing for six straight days now. The broadcaster has been performing trick shots with the trampoline, as well as playing chess and non-trampoline-related activities. He also leaps out of his gaming setup each time he gets a clutch in Valorant.

While the trampoline itself didn’t cost $500k, the renovations to the house to fit the elastic piece of furniture inside ended up being quite costly, which was delayed due to the global health crisis.

While this might not have been the most economical choice, it certainly provides for an entertaining viewer experience, and for Keeoh, has got to be quite fun to bounce around his own whenever he pleases.

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