Twitch Streamer EllenVy’s Crazy Body Stretch Leaves Chat Terrified She Might “Break”

A Twitch streamer’s chat was left screaming ‘the body shouldn’t bend that way’ like a WWE commentator after she pulled off an insane stretch.

The Swedish streamer, who goes by the name of EllenVy on Twitch, has over 100,000 followers on her channel, at the time of writing.

When she’s not studying cognitive science at university, the self-described “gym rat” can usually be seen going live in the Just Chatting section on the Amazon-owned platform.

In late October, she decided to try something different… And it was tough to watch for some viewers.

Twitch streamer pulls off insane body stretch live on stream

The 23-year-old sat down on the floor, with two men standing at the front and back – (watch her stream here).

Showing off her flexibility, one of the gentleman pulled her legs backward and the other pulled her arms forward, meaning she was basically folded in half.

“How are you not breaking?!” one said, as she laughed it off. “Can you pull more?”

Chat messages flooded down the side of the screen.

One said: “Are you trying to break your back?” A second user posted: “This is hard to watch.”

Another wanted to see what would happen if they kept pulling in opposite directions, saying: “We need to hear a crack!”

It was all her idea and thankfully she was flexible enough to pull it off. Nevertheless, it did make for a scary few seconds for not just those watching along, but also those involved.

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