Does Mizkif Have A Tattoo? Streamer Mizkif Showcases New Tattoo Designed By Twitch Chat During Stream Return

To mark their return to Twitch streaming, streaming star Mizkif shared the journey of getting a tattoo for the first time.

In September, Twitch star Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo was placed on leave by OTK, following allegations that he had participated in the cover-up of sexual assault on a woman allegedly carried out by Crazyslick.

While OTK sourced a third party to investigate the allegations, the streaming organization’s decision to temporarily sever ties with Mizkif saw the streamer fall silent on social media.

After a few weeks away from social media, Mizkif has made a return to Twitch, marking the occasion with his first-ever tattoo.


Mizkif returns to Twitch with the first tattoo amid Crazyslick allegations

On October 10, Mizkif returned to Twitch to commit to getting his first-ever tattoo. While the streamer dove into several pressing topics, legally he was forbidden to discuss specifics regarding the CrazySlick allegations.

Mizkif had previously collaborated with his viewers in June on the design. “Alright chat, listen, this is what you guys have been waiting on. I was supposed to do it the day after this sh*t happened,” Mizkif explained.

Naturally, Mizkif was wary of the experience, jokingly adding: “Yeah, it’s gonna be terrible…some people like pain.”

Initially, Mizkif was tempted to have it on his wrist, but advice from the artist dissuaded him: “I’m gonna tell you, wrists are just irritating…this stuff has to be reactive to touch. It needs to know if its been eaten by a motherf****** bear or something.”

Opting to get the design on his thigh, the tattoo artist claimed this area can be a “very controversial” area when it comes to getting inked.

With the tattoo becoming a reality by the second, Mizkif recoiled in pain, attempting to mask his uncomforting sensation.

“Chat what do you think? You’re saying its cute,” Mizkif said immediately after the artist had finished.

However, Mizkif isn’t the only person to don such an intriguing piece of art on their body. One fan jokingly claimed that Mizkif has stolen their design.

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