Names, Ages, And Net Worth Of The World’s Top 20 Richest Kid YouTubers That Will Amaze You (2022 List)

Richest kid YouTubers: Who is the Richest Kid YouTuber in the world? – here are the top 20 famous and richest child YouTubers in 2022.

The beauty of content creation online is that anyone with a camera and good access to the internet can take part in it. This is why you will see many children with successful YouTube channels accumulating millions of views and cash at the same time.

Kids are taking over the Internet, specifically YouTube. This seems like an understatement because the truth is, some kids are taking over the world by storm.

Not only have they found a way to express themselves; some youngsters also have a huge following on various social media platforms.

The richest YouTubers can be as young as four years. You might wonder what a 4-year-old has to say to thousands of followers. This is not hard, especially if they have an adult who helps curate content for them.

Many child YouTubers can manage their channels with the help of their parents. The story of how some of them started is not only hilarious but also pleasant to hear.

A dozen child YouTubers took that path after their parents shared a single clip that went viral, making them internet sensations. This presents an excellent opportunity for parents who see the potential of making a fortune out of their children’s fame.

The love shown by internet users is also refreshing and encourages more posting by the parents and guardians. And not only this, some kids are making more money than their adult counterparts. That said, who is the richest child YouTuber in 2022?

Here’s a look at the richest kid YouTubers today, their ages, channel names, subscribers, and their net worth in 2022;

Names of the 10 Richest kids YouTubersAgesChannel NamesSubscribersNet Worth
1. Ryan Kaji9Ryan’s World30.5M subscribers $50 million
2. Anastasia Radzinskaya7Like Nastya76.6M subscribers $20 million – $30 million
3. Everleigh Rose Soutas8Everleigh Rose 3.82M subscribers$2 million – $5 million
4. Mila & Emma Stauffer6Kcstauffer750K subscribers$1 million – $5 million
5. Taytum & Oakley Fisher5The Fishfam4.36M subscribers $2 million – $3.2 million
6. Sophia Grace Brownlee18Sophia Grace 4.36M subscribers $1.5 million – $2.5 million
7. Kyle Giersdorf18Bugha4.15M subscribers$2 million – $2.5 million
8. Kyle Jackson17Mongraal4.45M subscribers$1.8 million – $2.3 million
9. Gavin Magnus14Gavin Magnus4.14M subscribers $1.5 million – $2.3 million
10. Benjy David Fish17Benjy fishy1.67M subscribers$980K – $1.2 million
11. Ava Marie & Leah Rose10Clements Twins121K subscribers$950K – $1.1 million
12. Txunamy12Txunamy 3.48M subscribers $900K – $1 million
13. Alex Guzman18 Blesiv1.31M subscribers$800K – $900K
14. Kamri Noel McKnight18Kamri Noel2.07M subscribers$750K – $900K
15. Mia Fizz16Mia’s Life1.05M subscribers$500K – $900K
16. Clara Lukasiak 12Clara Lukasiak 348K subscribers$500K – $9000K
17.  Coco Quinn12Quinn Sisters1.63M subscribers$500K – $800K
18. Ava Marie Foley8Ava foley 1.01M subscribers$300K – $600K
19. Rosie McClelland15Rosie McClelland865K subscribers$250K – $500K
20. Kaci Jay16Kaci Jay 446K subscribers$100K – $350K

Below is some detailed info about some (not in order as displayed in the table above) of the richest young YouTubers – check out the style of content they produce, their other streams of income, and many more…

1. Ryan Kaji

Ryan Kaji is the first on the Richest Kid YouTubers In World

Ryan Kaji is the highest-paid YouTuber with an estimated net worth of $50 -$100 million. In fact, he has held on to this prestigious title since 2018. Take note, he isn’t just the highest-paid kid YouTuber of 2022; he also beat out all his other adult counterparts.

According to The Guardian, the 9-year-old has been making approximately $30 million per year from unboxing and reviewing toys and games on YouTube.

His main YouTube channel known as Ryan’s World has amassed 30.5 million followers and counting.

Due to his success, Kaji has released an entire range of toys and clothes that have generated huge sums worth from his clothing and toys line. He has also partnered with Marks & Spencer in releasing an entire sleepwear range.

Kaji recently signed a multi-year deal with Nickelodeon to appear in his own show. His salary from the network remains a secret, but it’s highly likely that he will also be getting millions from this venture.

Today, Kaji and his family have nine YouTube channels, but Ryan’s World remains to be their most popular account. His most popular video is called Huge Egg Surprise Toys Challenge with over 2 billion views.

2. Anastasia Radzinskaya

Like Nastya is on the Top 20 Richest Kid YouTubers In World
Image Source: Instagram @likenastya

Anastasia Radzinskaya is another rich kid YouTuber that is worth mentioning. At the age of 7, she has already earned $20 million – $30 million from posting educational videos on the platform.

All her videos have amassed 61 billion views, and she currently has 76.6 million subscribers on her main YouTube channel. She has other 6 YouTube channels which give a total of 250 million subscribers for the young girl.

With 7 diamond YouTube buttons, she was listed by Forbes Magazine as one of the highest-paid YouTube stars for 2019 and 2020 and was recently featured on Variety’s Young Hollywood Stars list.

The youngster’s fame has also extended to TikTok because she has also been posting clips there. As of late, Radzinskaya already has 5.5 million followers on the platform. She also has 355K followers on Instagram.

Radzinskaya and her family are from Russia. But they currently reside in South Florida.

In 2016, the young girl’s parents, Yuri and Anna posted their daughter’s first video on YouTube and it went viral. The rest is history for their entire family.

3. Everleigh Rose Soutas

Names, Net Worth And How Much YouTube Pays The Top 20 Richest Kid YouTubers In World (2021 List)
Image Source: Instagram @Everleighrose

Everleigh Rose Soutas is another popular kid on YouTube. She has her own account under her namesake, which already has 3.82 million subscribers.

Her family, also known as The LaBrant Fam, have their own YouTube account with 13.1 million subscribers.

Soutas started her YouTube channel by posting her toy reviews and challenges. But now that she’s already 8 years old, her taste seemed to have evolved.

She recently posted a video about her favorite fidget toys, as well as her dance performances that gave her a massive win at a recent competition.

According to The Sun, Soutas’ net worth in 2019 was estimated at $1.8 million. Two years have passed so she’s most likely making more money now. She has an estimated net worth between $2 million – $5 million.

On top of her flourishing career on YouTube, the daughter of Savannah LaBrant has also modeled for various fashion brands like the Kardashians Kids Collection.

The young girl has also starred in music videos and has teamed up with a slew of celebrities and other YouTube personalities.

On Instagram, Everleigh Rose Soutas has over 4.9 million followers.

3. Mila & Emma Stauffer

Names, Net Worth And How Much YouTube Pays The Top 20 Richest Kid YouTubers In World (2021 List)
Mila and Emma Stauffer. Image source: Instgarm @kcstauffer

Mila Stauffer and Emma Stauffer went viral a few years ago after their older sister posted their hilarious video on their mom’s Instagram account.

Mila and Emma are twins, and their hilarious clips have captivated the world. Even though they first went viral on Instagram, they eventually created their own YouTube channel and now have 750K subscribers.

Even though their account has less than 1 million subscribers, some of their videos have over a million views.

According to reports, Mila and Emma helped their family a lot financially. After all, their net worth is estimated within $1 million – $5 million, however, other sources believe she has a whopping $47 million as net worth.

On top of their social media career, the twins are now also known as fashion designers and models. They previously designed an entire range of clothing for Target.

The young girls have 3.5 million followers on Instagram and 72.1K followers on TikTok.

4. Taytum & Oakley Fisher

Names, Net Worth And How Much YouTube Pays The Top 20 Richest Kid YouTubers In World (2021 List)
Taytum & Oakley: Image Source: Instagram @taytumandoakley

Taytum Fisher and Oakley Fisher are barely 5 years old, but they are already making millions.

According to reports, the twins’ combined net worth is within $2 million – $3.2 million and counting.

The twins regularly appear on their family’s YouTube account also known as the Fish Fam. And they have 4.36 million subscribers.

Taytum and Oakley captivated the world after their parents, Kyler and Madison shared photos of them on Instagram wearing matching ensembles.

The kids have 2.6 million followers on Instagram.

5. Gavin Magnus

Names, Net Worth And How Much YouTube Pays The Top 20 Richest Kid YouTubers In World (2021 List)
Imagae Source: Instagram @gavinmagnus

Gavin Magnus is one of the most famous kid YouTuber. Unlike most of his peers, he has his plate full of activities that bring millions of money.

Gavin does modeling, singing, and acting. Other than his adorable videos, his rise to fame was contributed by the viral clip of his song crushing.

Gavin has been open about his personal experiences in life, and that is what makes him one of the most exciting child YouTubers to watch.

The 14-year-old boy has time again talked about his experience with bullying and overcoming challenges, among other things. Gavin has 4.14 million subscribers. He has 2.3 million Instagram followers.

Gavin Magnus has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million – $2.3 million.

6. Ava Marie and Leah Rose

Names, Net Worth And How Much YouTube Pays The Top 20 Richest Kid YouTubers In World (2021 List)
Ava and Leah. Image Source: Instagram @clementstwins

Ava and Leah, also known as the Clements twins, are 9-year-old YouTube stars who are known for their beautiful looks and lovely content.

Their green eyes, blonde hair, and adorable faces stand out whenever they are doing shoots. The 9-year-old girls went through a hard time in 2019 when their dad was diagnosed with leukemia.

The girls bravely asked their fans around the world to help their father Kevin, who needed a bone marrow transplant.

The twins have been dubbed “the world’s most beautiful twins” by many fashion magazines. They continue to wow their fans with adorable pictures and cute videos even when the family is going through health challenges.

The beautiful twin girls have 1.8 million Instagram followers and 121K YouTube subscribers.

According to reports, the twins’ combined net worth is within $950K – $1.1 million and counting.

7. Sophia Grace Brownlee

Names, Net Worth And How Much YouTube Pays The Top 20 Richest Kid YouTubers In World (2021 List)
Image Source: Instagram @therealsophiagrace

Sophia Grace Brownlee first won the attention of the public when she performed a Nicki Minaj cover on Ellen Show back in 2011, aged eight. She is now a big girl aged 18.

She now uses her YouTube channel to showcase her vocal talents, where she has more than 4.36 million subscribers.

She has starred with her cousin Rosie in their own movie and inspired a pair of children’s books.

She doesn’t only have fans showing her love on YouTube, she has 1.3 million Instagram followers.

Sophie is said to be worth $1.5 million – $2.5 million.

8. Kyle Gierdorf

Names, Net Worth And How Much YouTube Pays The Top 20 Richest Kid YouTubers In World (2021 List)

Gaming influencer Kyle is still yet to reach 18 years of age but is now worth more than $3 million following his Fortnite World Cup victory.

His victory earned him a net worth of $2 million. Known as ‘Bugha’ on YouTube, he has a stunning 4.15 million subscribers at the time of writing. He also has 5.1 million Instagram followers.

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