10 Fun Facts About King Cid: YouTuber Net Worth, Age, Real Name, Girlfriend, Parents, Siblings, Kids, Wife, Wiki, Bio

King Cid is an American internet personality known for his “Smash or Pass”, “Find Your Match” content on YouTube. His biography facts explored below.

As we live in the twenty-first century, where the internet is still an important part of our lives, many people have emerged with large followings on various online platforms. The rise of social media has enabled people to reach a global audience. These people are termed social media celebrities, social media influencers, social media personalities, internet personalities, or simply influencers.

Wikipedia defines the term Internet celebrity as “a celebrity who has acquired or developed their fame and notability on the Internet”.

One individual who qualifies for the popular term is King Cid.

King Cid is an American YouTuber and social media star. He is famous for his pranks, vlogs and challenge videos on TikTok and YouTube. He is also an avid basketball player.

King Cid is famous for his unique style of content creation notably for challenges, pranks, and vlogs. Cid uploads his first video to his channel titled “$20 Questions Challenge (Public Interview)”. His most-watched video on his channel is uploaded, which is named “Smash Or Pass But Face To Face Youtubers Edition!”. Cid continues to be successful on YouTube with over two million subscribers.

There is more about King Cid that his followers and admirers must know of him, including but not limited to his social media presence, how he became famous, his personal and family life, and his finances. TheVibely has gathered 10 interesting facts to know about King Cid. Let’s dive into his life.

Profile Summary

Celebrated Name:King Cid or King Cidery
Net Worth:$500,000 to $1 million
Profession:YouTuber, social media influencer, rapper
Full Real Name:Jason Cid
Birthday:26 August 2000
Age:22 years old (as of 2022)
Birthplace:Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
Current Residence:Miami, FL, US
Height:5 feet 11 inches (180 cm)
Weight:143 Ibs (65 kg)
Girlfriend:Migo Monroe
Ex-Girlfriends:Dymond Charleston and Breann Llewelyn
Kids:No children
YouTube:King Cid.
Source: Twitter @KingCidery

1. Who is King Cid?

King Cid is a famous YouTuber, rapper, brand influencer, and social media personality from the United States. He is best known for his self-titled YouTube channel, on which he mainly posts pranks and fun challenges. He is also popular on TikTok for his funny vlogs.

Cid has one of the most popular prank YouTube channels. He created two video series, “Smash or Pass” and “Last to Get Knocked Out”, which have set him apart from other content creators. He occasionally plays basketball for fun.

Source: Twitter @KingCidery

2. Why is King Cid famous?

Jason Cid, also known by his moniker King Cid or King Cidery is a famous YouTuber and social media personality. He is best known for his prank and challenge videos and has managed to garner over two million subscribers on YouTube. He has three long-running challenge franchises, “Smash or Pass”, “Find Your Match”, and “Last to Get Knocked Out”, which he takes to the streets regularly.

Jason started making videos with his high school friend Smooth Gio, who he has credited as his inspiration and for helping propel him to fame. However, the two of them had a disagreement over personal issues, even airing a scheduled fight online. They no longer associate with each other, but Cid still regards Gio highly.

Aside from being famous as a YouTuber, he is also a rapper whose songngs can be found on his Spotify channel.

In addition to his thriving YouTube channel, the content creator is also popular on TikTok. He often shares snippets of his longer videos as well as short funny videos.

As of the time of this article, he has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram. His first Instagram post was on January 26, 2018, and was a video of one of his friends jumping out of a moving school bus door to avoid going to school. He was cut from his high school basketball team three times. 

He worked at a call center but quit his job when he reached 5,000 YouTube subscribers because he wanted to donate more time to YouTube. In November 2020, he released a challenge video called, “Last To Get Knocked Out In The Hood Wins A PS5!” which has received over 6.9 million views. 

King Cid’s real name is Jason Cid. His screen name was inspired by his basketball icon, Lebron James, whose nickname is King James. King Cid’s hometown is Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he was born and raised.

He currently has garnered over 2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. With over 200 uploaded videos, he accumultaed 239,134,489 total views.

His channel is ranked 1,052nd most subscribed channel on the platform, and the 819th most subscribed entertianment channel.

King Cid was arrested in 2020.

News arose of King Cid’s alleged arrest on October 26th and by October 28th, the YouTube star was back on his channel in an effort to explain the whole situation. Photos and videos of King Cid’s allegedly been arrested shown the YouTube star covered in what appears to be blood, or at least fake blood, in a busy shopping mall.

According to King Cid, he was supposedly arrested due to him participating in a so-called ‘social experiment’ prank video for his YouTube channel. The YouTuber makes no apologies for his actions or the video in question and says that despite the supposed humorous nature of the video, it is quite ‘extreme.’

Source: Twitter @KingCidery

3. How old is King Cid?

King Cid (real name Jason Cid) was born on August 26, 2000, in the United States of America. This puts his age at 22 years old as of 2022. In coming August 2023, he will turn 23. King Cid’s hometown is Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he was born and raised. His zodiac sign is Virgo.

Source: Twitter @KingCidery

4. How tall is King Cid?

King Cid has a well-maintained body physique. He is quite tall and has a height of 5 feet 11 inches (180 centimetres) tall. He weighs about 143 pounds (65 kilograms).

Also, the detailed statistics regarding his body measurements remain unknown. However, he has a sexy and hot body physique. Moreover, he has black hair and dark brown eyes.

Source: Twitter @KingCidery

5. Where does King Cid live now?

Despite being an American who was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States, the social media personality now lives in Miami, FL, US.

Source: Twitter @KingCidery

6. Does King Cid have siblings?

The popular social media celebrity is not an only child. Famous Birthdays can confirm he has three siblings. For now, the names and identity of his siblings are not known.

7. Who are King Cid’s parents?

The YouTuber and social media influencer’s parents are from the Dominican Republic. To date, the names of his parents and other details about them including but not limited to their occupation, and whether they are still married and alive remain untold.

Cid comes from a normal family with full Christian background.

Source: Twitter @KingCidery

8. Who is King Cid dating right now?

For someone who is always found around girls, many are itching to know who the YouTuber is in a relationship with. King Cid is very private about his personal life. However, that doesn’t mean he is single.

King Cid current girlfriend is Migo Monroe, an Instagram model, musician and social media influencer. The couple has been together since 2021. Monroe has featured in several videos on Cid’s YouTube, Legit.ng reports.

Jason has two other famous ex-girlfriends. Famous Birthdays reports that he was in a relationship with a fellow internet celeb named Breann Llewelyn. His ex-girlfriend mostly appeared on his YouTube channel. Cid and Breann dated for a little over a year, from 2020 to 2021. Although neither of them explained to their fans why they broke up, King revealed in a video that he considers Breann the best girlfriend he ever had.

Who is Breann Llewelyn? Cid’s former lover is a Social media star and content creator best recognized for her breannllewellyn Instagram account where she posts fashion and lifestyle content. She has gained over 230,000 followers on the app. She was crowned Miss Cooper City in 2018. She has been a cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins. 

Before Breann, he dated Dymond Charleston who is also a YouTuber and social media influencer, but they broke up in 2019. King has since termed their past relationship as toxic. Even so, the two still remain close friends and have collaborated in multiple YouTube and TikTok videos since the breakup.

Source: Twitter @KingCidery

9. What is King Cid’s net worth?

As Famous Face Wiki reports, the content creator is estimated to be worth about $500,000 to $1 million. However, this figure has not been verified by any reputable source. He makes money from his YouTube videos.

How much money does King Cid make on YouTube?

King Cid’s YouTube channel generates estimated earnings of $65 to $1K in a day, a revneue of $457 to $7.3K in a week, an income of $2K to $31.4K in a month and a salary of $23.5K to $376.2K in a year. He makes these amounts from the ads displayed on his YouTube videos, per Social Blade.

10. King Cid’s social media accounts

Instagram: @_KingCid

Twitter: @_KingCid

Facebook: Jason.cd.1

YouTube: KingCid

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