NIJISANJI VTuber Mika Melatika’s Friends Thought She Was Doing OnlyFans

NIJISANJI VTuber Mika Melatika is just that ⁠— a VTuber. However, while touching on the subject of work with friends at a party, she had to explain away some misconceptions, including a big one about her being an OnlyFans creator.

Being a VTuber can make it hard to explain your job. Not only is streaming a cutting-edge entertainment business but how do you add on the fact you don’t show your face and use an avatar instead? What if you’re maintaining your privacy?

It’s a conundrum many faces, especially agency VTubers. It can be written into their contracts ⁠— like NIJISANJI’s Mika Melatika’s ⁠— about what they can and can’t say or show, even off-stream.

So when Mika Melatika went to a party with friends recently and made small talk about her work, she tried to move the conversation along as fast as possible: “One of them asked me ‘hey Mika, so what are you doing now? Like what are you doing nowadays?’ I can’t really say anything because I am under a contract so I’m not going to be like ‘oh, I stream!’

“I said ‘oh I’m just working, anyways’ and I changed the topic.”

Sometimes it’s all said and done there, but not in Mika’s case. Instead, one friend kept pushing the issue because they had something else in mind.

“One of my friends really didn’t want to change the topic and they literally said ‘Mika, you should be careful!’ I was like ‘why?’ They said ‘you know you can put rules in your description’ and when they said that, I shat myself.

“First of all, does that mean they know me? Second of all, they read my rules? Who does that? I was like ‘what do you mean the rules in my description’ and they’re like ‘rules so they don’t abuse it, you know, the stuff you produce.’

“I was like ‘oh my God what do you mean?’ Now are you telling me that not only do you know, but there is drama and controversies revolving around me, and someone has been abusing my content? I was freaking out ⁠— I want to know what to know what’s happening, but I don’t want to confirm their suspicion. What if they were just talking out of their ass and I confirm it?”

As the conversation pushed forward, it became clear what the friend was alluding to: OnlyFans. As much as Mika tried to deflect the conversation from what she was doing, the absence of confirmation ⁠— plus some rumor million behind closed doors ⁠— left some raised eyebrows.

“They were like ‘okay Mika, I’m just going to say this but I’m sure you know you’ve been doing this for a while, but sometimes when someone pays for a subscription, they don’t want to be the only ones seeing it, so they’re going to be showing pictures to other people, and then these other people aren’t going to pay for your subscriptions and then you’re just going to be losing customers.’

“We went on a conversation about it and yes, my friends genuinely believed for six months now that I have an OnlyFans. I asked them what makes you think I am taking pictures of my t*tties and posting them on OnlyFans?”

How it got to this point is quite possibly the best part of the story though. It’s classic parental gossip. Apparently, Mika’s roommate’s grandmother got wind of what she was doing, kind of, and spread the word.

Instead of saying she was a VTuber though, without having any knowledge of what that was, she just gave her a vague title of “night worker” which definitely blew things out of proportion.

“Just follow me on this one ⁠— my roommate’s talk to their grandmothers like ‘Mika has been having this stable job for a year,’ and this is quote-unquote, ‘like she’s literally going to start working at 8PM, sometimes she starts working at 10PM, sometimes she’s done at 4AM. There’s a lot of people, people would watch her, and she just does stuff on the internet and then people give her money.’”

The biggest fear now for Mika is how far that information has spread. It’s not like she can just turn around and say she’s a VTuber, but clearing the record is going to be tough.

She has got a foolproof plan for now while she goes around making sure the air is cleared: “Now I don’t know who knows. I have to say ‘I have work to do, I don’t do OnlyFans by the way.’”

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