Team RAR Net Worth: Who Is The Richest Team RAR Cast Member

Who are the crew members of the YouTube group, Team RAR? See how much each cast is worth?

After Jake Paul’s infamous Team 10 took off, new “teams” of influencers continued to crop up among influencers. There was the TikTok Hype House, then there was the FaZe Clan, then the Sway House. Basically, content creators are continuously grouping together to optimize the content they put out for their followers.

One of the newest internet groups formed is Team RAR (which stands for “Rare And Ridiculous”), a group of college graduates who create content on YouTube.

The group is made up of four creators, their senior video editor, and dog-creator, Millie. What are Team RAR’s net worths and who is the richest member?

carter team rar

Carter Sharer is Team RAR’s founder and the richest member.

Since Carter was the founder of Team RAR, it’s no surprise that he’s also the most likely to be the richest member of the group. According to NaibuzzCarter’s estimated net worth is $12 million, though other outlets estimate his worth to be closer to $5.7 million.

But before you believe those numbers outright and envy the Team RAR member for all of the cash he’s raking in, Carter actually commented on these estimates, doing an entire video on his and his team members’ reported incomes.

“Guys, these are definitely not real numbers, these are people’s estimates that wrote these articles,” he said before even diving into the numbers.

In fact, when he saw what his estimated net worth was, he laughed.

“I don’t really know what it is, but given that they had a lot of facts messed up and they’re probably not calculating for any of the expenses that I have, I would say that my net worth is definitely less than what Google is saying,” Carter said.

lizzy team rar

YouTuber Lizzy Capri is estimated to be worth $5.5 million.

Considering Lizzy and Ryan have a history and are the group’s strongest members, it would make sense that she has the next-highest estimated income. Naibuzz again estimates her worth to be around $5.5 million, though other articles suggest it could be closer to $5 million.

stove team rar

Stove Cho is supposedly worth $1.7 million.

According to StatsmashStove is estimated to be worth $1.7, though there are other conflicting reports that suggest he’s worth a few million dollars instead.

Stove was also consulted for Carter’s video, and while he didn’t say exactly how much he makes from YouTube, he alluded that some of the higher numbers were incorrect, making this estimated number a reasonable one.

ryan prunty team rar

Ryan Prunty’s worth is estimated to be $1.2 million.

According to NaibuzzRyan is estimated to be worth around $1.2 million. However, in Carter’s video, he found a couple of other sources that claimed Ryan’s net worth was somewhere between $1 million and $5 million.

Carter then called Ryan to consult him about his estimated net worth, and he was openly shocked.

“Bro, I’m missing some checks then,” he said. “I’m just going to point out that’s not accurate.”

None of the members actually revealed what they made in a year, but suggested that the numbers on the internet aren’t actually accurate.

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