Twitch Hires Ex-YouTube Exec Laura Lee As Content Chief Amid Sub Split Controversy

YouTube’s former head of top creators, Laura Lee, has joined Twitch, where she will now be the chief content officer, as the livestreaming platform faces a host of challenges, not least the disapproval of recent sub split and ad revenue announcements.

Twitch, now facing stiff competition from YouTube itself for the attention of livestream viewers, particularly in gaming, has faced internal challenges due to the ad incentive program and the dismissal of requests for a 70/30 sub split.

Despite this, it remains the top destination for livestreamed gaming content, particularly in North America and Europe. Laura Lee, formerly of YouTube until 2015, as well as NBC and Patreon, has joined Twitch to lead the content strategy around creators, including streaming partnerships.

In October, Twitch President Dan Clancy announced a change to sub revenue splits, focused on the very biggest streamers. Streamers who previously enjoyed a 70/30 sub split would now only earn that on the first $100,000 of earnings, with anything above that reverting to the 50/50 split.

And, all other streamers would remain on the standard 50/50 split, despite widespread requests for 70/30 – which is the split offered on YouTube.

Laura Lee hired by Twitch
Twitch is the top destination for gaming livestreams, but YouTube is undoubtedly gaining ground too.

“The Twitch community is unparalleled in its creativity and talent, and Twitch streamers have set the bar for live entertainment and building deep bonds with their communities,” Lee said in a statement.

“I couldn’t be more excited to join the team to partner with Twitch’s incredible streamers and the entire content organization to set content strategy and create new opportunities for streamers to thrive.”

Twitch President Dan Clancy said, “We’re thrilled to welcome Laura to our team to define our content strategy and believe that her expertise across digital and premium content will bring fresh perspective to enable us to usher in the next chapter for our global community.”

What exactly this “next chapter” entails for the platform remains to be seen. Currently, there is constant murmurings of YouTube being a better destination for both established and aspiring streamers. Lee will no doubt be aiming to help shift that narrative.

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