Valkyrae Reignites WWE Match Speculation After Calling Out Zelina Vega Again

YouTube star Valkyrae has once again teased fans with the idea of her in-ring debut for WWE after a fan-made poster pitting her against Zelina Vega blew up on social media.

As one of the more surprising internet crossovers of the year, Valkyrae and WWE superstar Zelina Vega have been going back and forth quite a bit in recent months. What started in May with a simple offer from the wrestler soon led to a possible on-camera cameo from the YouTube celeb.

“Valkyrae can hop in the ring with one of us,” Vega pitched at the time, to which Valkyrae brushed off at first in fear. Weeks later and rather than feuding, the two were linked as a possible tag team, with Vega asking Valkyrae to be in her corner at the next WrestleMania event. “We’ll teach you all you need to know,” she said.

While things were quiet in the months that followed, a fan-made poster making the rounds has reignited the conversation, with Valkyrae even addressing it on-stream and talking a little smack in the process.

“I saw this on Twitter, it’s actually so cool,” the popular YouTube personality said during a recent broadcast. Reacting to a poster while scrolling through her subreddit, the visual of her and Vega staring down quickly caught her attention.

“It’s scary that she would just beat my ass,” she then added before pointing out one advantage she has over the trained professional: Height. Measuring at 5’3”. Rae is actually taller than Vega who stands at 5’1”. “I am taller though, for real,” she joked after seeing this slight discrepancy visualized in front of her.

Obviously, size isn’t everything when it comes to the squared circle. Some of the most iconic moments in pro wrestling history see the smaller underdog picking up a win over their staggeringly tall opponents. But this slight trash talk combined with her YouTube title and appropriate thumbnail soon caught the attention of Vega once again.

“We gotta recreate that epic ass photo! Even though you are technically taller yes.”

So for now, seeing Valkyrae on a WWE show is still just a pipe dream, but it’s clearly something her fans are eager to see.

“As a huge wrestling fan seeing Rae interact with Zelina is absolutely amazing! One fan said in the comments on YouTube. “I hope Rae collaborates with WWE that would be so cool ,” another chimed in.

“What she doesn’t know is that I love her,” Vega said just days ago in an interview at ComicCon. “I watch her streams, especially with the Among Us streams, I’ve always loved her. Anytime I play with Hafu or DK or any of those guys, I’m like ‘is DisguisedToast coming? Is Valkyrae coming?’ I love them, their personalities. She’s just such a sweet person. I would definitely show her the ropes.”

We’ll have to wait and see if anything comes to fruition soon, but both sides evidently enjoy stirring the pot. It could just be a matter of time before we see both Rae and Vega in the ring together, perhaps as a team, or even as bitter foes.


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