What Happened To Joe Weller? The YouTuber Assures Fans He’s Safe After Rumors Of His Disappearance

British YouTuber Joe Weller has assured fans of his safety after disappearing from Twitter on September 28 for a trip into the Amazon Rainforest.

Joe Weller is a well-known British internet personality who helped spearhead the current influencer-boxing craze with his bout against KSI in 2018.

Since then, Weller hasn’t stepped into the ring, but has remained involved in the scene and is currently fielding challenges from the likes of JiDion… but his boxing pursuits aren’t what people are buzzing about right now.

On September 28, Weller announced that he would be heading into the Amazon Rainforest for twelve days to film a YouTube series with fellow creator Elliot Crawford.

However, fans were zeroing in on another tweet he’d published on the same day, in which he wrote: “There’s gonna be no phone signal from tomorrow, so if you ain’t heard from us by 13th October, then we’ve f**ked it.”

Considering his warnings that he and Crawford might encounter “cannibals” during their trip roughing it in the rainforest, fans started to become concerned when the 13 came and went with no word from Weller.

As the days passed, viewers worried that Weller had gotten into a spot of trouble — but some fans pointed out that Weller had been active on social media, saying he’d apparently liked a few posts but hadn’t published any tweets since September 28 (although this hasn’t been confirmed).

Joe Weller returns to Twitter after Amazon Rainforest trip sparks concern

Luckily, it looks like Weller is safe and sound, as the YouTuber officially returned to Twitter on October 20 (7 days after his scheduled comeback) with a long-awaited update.

He posted a photo of himself looking worse for wear in the outdoors, simply captioned, “Alive. Video out in November.”

Fans are relieved he’s safe and excited to see Weller’s upcoming series, which at the time of writing, doesn’t have a specific release date with the exception of November 2022.

It’s unclear if his trek in the rainforest will help his boxing regimen should he take JiDion up on his fight offer, though.

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