Who Is Dunkey Married To? Meet LeahBee, YouTuber Videogamedunkey’s Wife 

YouTube Gaming commentator Dunkey has been with his wife Leah Gastrow aka LeahBee for years.

While he initially got his start as a League of Legends player, YouTuber, and video game commentator videogamedunkey (lovingly referred to by fans as “Dunkey”) has since become one of the best-recognized voices in online gaming reviews. On his channel, he reviews many of the new and popular games that have been released, offering his own opinions and quips about the titles — and his brutal yet hilarious honesty is what has earned him his following.

As he’s known for his video game content, Dunkey, whose real name is Jason Gastrow, rarely shares details about his personal life. That being said, he has previously shared with his followers that he’s married — but who is Dunkey’s wife? Here’s what we know.

videogamedunkey and his wife, LeahBee
videogamedunkey and his wife, LeahBee

Who is videogamedunkey’s wife? Dunkey and Leah Gastrow married in 2019.

Though he has more than seven million subscribers and is one of the best-known video game commentators on YouTube right now, Dunkey rarely shows his face in videos or shares details about his personal life with fans. His videos are well regarded because of his funny commentary and his easily recognizable voice, usually only featuring gameplay footage and funny references instead of clips of himself.

But while he has managed to keep a facade of anonymity with how rarely he shows his face, he did share intimate clips of his wedding day with his followers in a video on his channel titled “Dunkey and Leah’s Wedding.

Dunkey and fellow video game content creator LeahBee got married on Sept. 21, 2019. Their wedding was held at Springbrook in Wisconsin, according to the video’s description, which also featured clips of the pair’s vows and moments from their reception in between shots of their relationship.

“I love you more than tacos, and I love you more than video games. I love you more than Sprite and, well, I love you more than all of this stuff,” he said in his vows, unrolling a long script in front of her and eliciting a laugh from the audience.

Though the personal video is very different than his usual content, it still brought in more than seven million views, followed by loving and supportive comments from fans.

“Everyone is making jokes and it is fine but, Dunkey, man, you made me cry,” one commenter wrote.

“I actually teared up. Jason entertained us for years and it feels so damn good to see him happy with the people he loves,” another said.

It’s not clear how long the pair have been together, but a quick scroll on her YouTube page shows videos featuring the popular creator as early as 2015. Their earliest piece of content together is a video on her YouTube channel featuring photos and videos of them at Disney World together. While we don’t know the start date of their relationship, it’s clear they were together for a long time before they tied the knot.

Dunkey and LeahBee are now proud owners of a gaming company called Bigmode Games.

Who is LeahBee?

Dunkey is not the only person in the relationship who makes video game content. LeahBee also has a YouTube channel and a Twitch account, where she’ll make content around games like Stardew Valley, Minecraft, and House Flipper.

Much of her YouTube content features her and Dunkey together, often doing couples challenges or cooking together. She hasn’t posted a video in more than a year, suggesting she may be focusing more on streaming her cozy gaming content on her Twitch channel instead.

At the time of writing, she has 276,000 subscribers on YouTube and 34,000 followers on Twitch.

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