Is LuluLuvely In A Relationship? Inside The Streamer’s Dating History, Boyfriend, Husband, Exes, and More

Who is LuluLuvely dating now or is she married? Details about the streaming gamer’s love life.

American gaming YouTuber and streamer known as LuluLuvely online was born Lindsey – surname unknown – on 10 October 1993 in Texas, US, and grew up with a sister and a brother.

After matriculating, she attended Abilene Christian University and graduated with a degree in Marketing, which has helped her promote her Twitch and YouTube accounts.

Lulu stayed home for six months after graduating from university as she was looking for work, and meantime played Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). She eventually began working for an insurance company as an underwriter; after work, she streamed ESO – most of her viewers were fellow ESO players and part of the online community.

The video game streamer attracted over 1.1 million followers on Twitch. She’s also popular on YouTube where her Apex Legends content has brought her 750,000 subscribers.

She joined Benjy Fish and Justin Morales as prominent gamers who signed with NRG eSports however, on November 1, 2022, streamer LuluLuvely with over 1.1 million followers on Twitch, chosen not to re-sign with NRG after her three-year partnership with the organization.

Many of her fans want to know more about her dating life, so, who is LuluLuvely seeing now?

Who is LuluLuvely’s boyfriend?

Lulu is in a relationship with an undisclosed person. She shared her boyfriend’s photo on Instagram but did not disclose his identity.

The streamer also called out male viewers who shame female streamers for being in a relationship, stating that none of them would take away her happiness.


Does Lululuvely stream without makeup?

A fan once asked the streamer if she would stream without makeup, and she responded by saying that she wears makeup when streaming because streaming is her work.

She explained that just as people wear makeup when going to work, she has to do the same.

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