Who Is Squeezie? French YouTuber Squeezie Pulls Over 1 Million Twitch Viewers During F4 Racing Event

French YouTuber Lucas ‘Squeezie Hauchard hosted his very own F4 Racing event, which had over 40,000 in live attendance with millions more tuning in online.

26-year-old French YouTuber Squeezie is one of the biggest creators in the world. Known for his popular freestyles and rap battles, he’s amassed over 17M subscribers to date.

On September 29, the popular YouTuber announced he’d be hosting his own open-wheel F4 racing event, the Explorer Grand Prix.

Featuring 22 creators partaking in the race, it was a remarkable competition.

YouTuber hosts own F4 racing event

According to Jake Lucky, all drivers trained for six months to be able to compete in the race — which was held at the Circuit de la Sarthe in Le Mans on October 8.

Over 40,000 showed up in live attendance, and the stream peaked at 1,041,828 viewers on Twitch. Formula 1 driver Charles Leclerc even tuned into the stream from Japan ahead of the Japanese Grand Prix. (Watch the video here)

The Grand Prix had its intense moments too, where even one YouTuber crashed— though thankfully nobody was hurt.

Following the event, Squeezie took to Twitter, where he thanked his fans for helping him create an unforgettable memory.

The YouTuber also thanks the other drivers, as well as the engineers, mechanics, and volunteer marshals for helping run the event.

Full list of the Explorer Grand Prix drivers:

  • Seb_Frit, sofyanboudouni
  • PrimeTimeFUT, befreesh_
  • Deujna, DobbyElfe_
  • Domingo, Xari_
  • djilsi, LanzaManon
  • VilebrequinAuto
  • LeBouseuh,Kaatsup
  • xSqueeZie, Gotaga
  • depielo1, valouzz_
  • JoycaOff, theobabac

Who is Squeezie and how old is he?

Lucas Hauchard (born: January 27, 1996 [age 26]), better known online as SQUEEZIE, is the most popular French YouTuber, he is commonly referred to as the “French PewDiePie”.

Lucas Hauchard was born in Vitry-sur-Seine, in the Val-de-Marne in Île-de-France to his mother, a child psychologist, and his father Thierry, a computer scientist. He grew up with all his family in Haut-de-Seine and has an older brother named Florent (who is five and a half years his senior) and two half-sisters. His brother often liked to joke about Lucas having a big forehead/head. According to Lucas himself, his hair looked a lot like Tintin at the time.

Lucas was in a relationship since June 2012 with Gwendoline Asquin, also known as Sweetie until June 2015. They both announced it on August 11, 2015, in this video. He was then in a relationship with Marie Palot until December 2017, TV host for the J-ONE manga channel.

In June 2012, he became a couple to “Sweetie”. After that, she appeared in some of his videos. Lucas was unpleasant and aggressive (sometimes even violent) towards Gwen at first, as we saw in her video with her on Tekken, though they got along much better afterward.

He saw a huge difference in popularity between his Paris Games Week 2011, and that of 2012. That year, he made his Let’s Play on Max Payne 3 and reached 50,000 subscribers.

Lucas’ first experience of gaming was with consoles like the PS1, the PS2, or the GameCube with his brother, and also spent the musical periods with him: Lucas claimed that without him, he would never have known The Offspring, Sum 41, or the consoles.

He even remembers that when his father had offered PS1 to his brother (when Lucas was 6 years old), his father had put a chip to read all the games in the world, and he had a large pile of games, including the most violent games like Tekken 1, 2, 3 and 4 at this time. Her mother hid her games there because she felt they were too violent, and the children went out looking for games. It sometimes happened that nobody found them. They also played Crash Bandicoot.

The two brothers also played Mario Kart on GameCube. At that time, we could play 2 this game: his brother was driving the Kart, and Lucas launched the objects. Lucas believes that his brother introduced him to video games.

Being young, he and his brother had limited time on the computer (18 to 19h for him and 19 to 20h for Florent). When his brother played the computer, Lucas was doing a fight on “Dofus”, and his impatient brother extinguished the computer. Lucas was displeased, knocked in a frame, and had 18 stitches on his right hand. He had cut a tendon and cut two more.

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