Why Did Jesse Quit NELK Boys? Former NELK Star Jesse Finally Explains Why He Quit and Sold His Shares

Former NELK Boys star Jesse Sebastiani has given his side of the story on his exit from the YouTube collective, explaining why he finally decided to split and sell his shares. 

In the early days of the NELK Boys, fans would be accustomed to seeing a few faces in every video – Kyle, Jesse, Steve, and Lucas – but things have changed over the last few years.

While the Canadian YouTube group has soared in popularity, starting the FULL SEND Podcast and Happy Dad seltzer brand, some members have departed. The biggest of which has, of course, been Jesse. 

The founder member started to take a break from appearing in videos in 2020, and by 2021 he wasn’t appearing at all. His exit from content was put down to a ‘burn out’ but he’s since left the group and started his own new project. 

Jesse NELK Boys

Jesse explains his side of his NELK Boys exit

While Kyle has explained things from his side, Jesse has now confirmed why he decided to leave the YouTube collective and go off on his own path. 

“It’s sad that it’s coming to an end but it was definitely needed,” Jesse said in a behind-the-scenes video for his new project, Sunday. “It was almost due a while ago. We just had creative differences and sh*t, different things, different looks on how we wanted to do things and we are actually passionate about.

“The past is the past. There’s no bad blood, I’m not trying to make it about that. It’s just ready for a fresh start. I’m super grateful for all this sh*t.”

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Jesse did note that his exit allowed him to achieve the “big check” of taking care of his family, which has been his goal throughout the whole time. 

According to Kyle, Jesse is still involved with the Happy Dad brand and “owns a huge piece” of that, so maybe the pair will link back up at some point.

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