Why Did Nikocado Avocado Gain Weight? Nikocado Avocado Before And After And His Height Explained!

How much does YouTuber Nikocado Avocado weigh now and how tall is he?

YouTube personality Nikocado Avocado has made a name for himself through his extreme eating videos.

Since 2016 the vlogger has consumed huge amounts of fast food on camera.

Nikocado Avocado is 30 years old now and has gained immense weight, however, when he was 28-year-old, he looked skinnier. So, why has he gained much weight within two years?

Nikocado Avocado consumes vast amounts of food on camera
Nikocado Avocado consumes vast amounts of food on camera. Credit: Instagram/@nikocadoavocado_real

Who is Nikocado Avocado?

Nikocado Avocado – real name Nicholas Perry – is a Ukrainian-born American internet star.

The 28-year-old has more than 2.6million followers on YouTube.

His videos mainly consist of him taking on food challenges and binge eating vast amounts.

Before becoming a YouTube sensation, he aspired to become a musician.

The 28-year-old shared a picture from four or five years ago looking skinnier
The 28-year-old shared a picture from four or five years ago looking skinnier. Credit: Instagram/@nikocadoavocado_real

How much does Nikocado Avocado weigh?

On Nikocado’s YouTube channel, videos from four years ago, when he first started his food challenge venture show a much slender figure.

Before gorging on large amounts of food for his vlogs, the YouTuber was also vegan.

On August 25, Nikocado shared a photo of his younger self looking trim, with the caption “Was I attractive?”

In July 2021, a video posted by Internet Analsyt shows Nikocado saying: “When I started Mukbanger. I was 150lbs, maybe 160, I can’t really remember.

“Well I’m 339, I’m almost 340.. I’ve more than doubled my weight. When I hit 300, I could have said I’d doubled my weight.”

The YouTuber has gained more than 200lbs over the years.

Nikocado is 5 foot 7 inches and often says the extra pounds are just “water weight”.

What have fans said?

Fans have taken to social media to share concerns about Nikocado’s weight gain.

One person wrote on Twitter: “Just discovered #NikocadoAvocado and I am shook!!!!

“In the space of 5 years, he went from being a tiny skinny vegan activist, to eating daily mukbangs, and is now bed-bound, 370lbs on a sleep apnea machine, and has gained so much weight so quickly, he’s broken his own ribs!”

Another added: “Seeing the evolution of nikocado avocado is genuinely terrifying.”

A third said: “nikocado avocado physically looks like he’s on a time and i honestly say that with genuine concern.”

Others, however, praised the star below the photo he shared on Instagram looking skinnier.

One wrote: “Yes and your (sic) still attractive to this day hun!”

Another said: “I think your (sic) more attractive now”.

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