YouTube Bans Multiple VTubers For Streaming Adult Videos In Splatoon 3

Multiple VTubers have been banned from YouTube after streaming adult movies in Splatoon 3 by using ink projectiles as a pseudo greenscreen to show the mature content.

YouTube and Nintendo took action after VTubers decided to hold a competition that Twitter has since dubbed “Splatoon Adult Video”, which started trending on social media.

According to reports, the VTubing group Sinsogumi would set Splatoon 3’s ink transparency to zero and when they shot an opposing team’s ink color, an adult video would play over it. Apparently, the video was one that VTuber Hinachun, one of the participants, had appeared in.

An archived tweet from one of the competitors states that the side that got banned from YouTube would lose the contest, suggesting that everyone partaking knew they were breaking the rules.

Automation-Media says that Tomeru Ikinone, Kimiko Kikaze, Sigure, Hinachun, Kudoa Tatsuki, Sofia Sapphire, Teriteri Bouzu, and Ryotaro competed in the event.

Splatoon 3 official artwork
Nintendo didn’t expect Splatoon 3 to be played this way.

YouTube takes action after VTubers show adult videos in Splatoon

So far, a few VTubers have been banned with Ikinone Tomeru and Kikaze Kimono’s accounts being deleted. Going to their pages now results in a message that reads, “This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy on nudity or sexual content.”

Meanwhile, Sigure’s channel was deleted mid-stream, being one of the first to suffer consequences on YouTube.

Many of those involved have issued apologies, with the group’s leader, Ikinone, saying, “I made light of breaking the terms of service and simply jumped at the novel and interesting idea.”

Meanwhile, the Sinsogumi Twitter account said it plans to reprimand Ikinone, but the punishment remains unknown at this time.

Nintendo also responded to the shenanigans, posting to Twitter posting that “Use that violates public order and morals, acts that intentionally mislead the rules of the game, acts that significantly damage the value of the game or characters and the world, and acts that encourage or take advantage of them will be deleted or legally enforced.”

It’s not clear if Nintendo was directly involved in getting the VTuber accounts banned, but it is clear that neither YouTube nor Nintendo is allowing the activity to continue.

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