Are xQc and Adept Still Together? The Steamer Couple Appear On Same Stream Sparking Rumors

When one of Twitch’s most famous couples, xQc and Adept, split earlier in September, drama was sure to erupt. The pair are not back together though, despite Adept appearing on his stream, according to xQc.

Their breakup was just one of many streaming-related dramas that took place in September, which also saw SlikeR admitting to scamming fellow streamers, sexual assault allegations, and the gambling meta controversy.

With millions of fans, there are many who are deeply invested in the relationships of their favorite streamers, for better or for worse, and so when Adept appeared on xQc’s stream in the small hours of the morning, rumors immediately began (watch the stream here).

xQc and Adept

However, after Adept left, xQc was quick to shut the speculation down: “No, one, we are not back together.”

In classic xQc style, he then mumbles incomprehensibly but appears to mock his chat for speculating about it in the first place (watch the stream here).

He also later explained that Adept had simply come over with a friend because her friend needed to use the toilet – although many fans doubted this was actually the case, spamming ‘Kappa’ and “sure.”

For now, no matter what is going on between them, clearly, they are both hesitant to make anything public, instead attempting to eliminate the speculation before it festers.

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