Why Is Hot Tub Streamer Brianas WOrld Banned From Twitch?

Twitch has banned a hot tub streamer after her bikini broadcast went viral for going a bit too far with what was allowed on the platform.

Streamer ‘brianas_w0rld’ has been banned on Twitch when her bikini stream became so spicy, it restarted the discussion on whether or not the content belongs on the site.

The hot tub meta on Twitch remains one of the site’s most controversial after a year-long debate over its acceptance due to what some perceive as sexual content.

While Twitch decided to give hot tub streams their own category, pushing them out of the ‘Just Chatting’ section, there are still streamers who push the envelope and that’s exactly what happened on Monday.

Twitch streamer banned after over-the-top hot tub stream

On October 18, Twitch streamer ‘brianas_w0rld’ went live. Like many hot tub streamers, she implemented stream goals, such as writing a viewer’s name on her body if they donated $20, but her other content raised some eyebrows.

The controversy began when she started copying yoga poses and doing squats in her bikini, showing her assets off to the camera in the process.

Clips from the broadcast began surfacing on Twitter with some wondering why the content was allowed.

“It’s definitely not and probably just needs to be timestamped and reported,” said fellow streamer Pokket.

JakeNBake also got in on the debate, tweeting a video and further asking why the content was on Twitch, before further explaining his position.

“I am on the side of hate the game, not the player. If it’s allowed, go for it,” he stated. “But, I think Twitch has obviously let the line drift way too far AND the insane inconsistency with moderating content on the platform is just disappointing.”

In any case, it wasn’t too long after that, Twitch took action and hit the streamer with the ban hammer. So far, Briana has yet to address the ban on social media.

She has, however, started posting her videos to YouTube and seems to be aware that her content isn’t for everyone as she describes herself in her channel description as “highly inappropriate.”

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