Corpse Husband Face Reveal: Has Corpse Husband Done A Face Reveal and What Does He Look Like?

Corpse Husband is one of the biggest internet stars who has still managed to keep his face a secret – mostly. But, after Dream’s big reveal, fans are now hoping that a Corpse Husband face reveal could be coming very soon, and we may finally learn what he looks like.

With 1.3 million followers on Twitch, 3.9 million on Twitter, and more than half a billion streams of his songs on Spotify, Corpse Husband is already becoming an internet icon in the span of only a few years. A huge part of the allure and appeal behind the enigmatic character has been the mystery behind the mask.

Having never publicly revealed his face, despite promises to, any time a modicum of potential information is released, fans go into overdrive in excitement.

Has Corpse Husband done a face reveal?

Sort of – yes, Corpse has revealed his ‘face’ in the past, but whether it’s his real face or not is a matter of debate.

In 2021, Corpse added an extended shot at the end of a TikTok video titled “haha”. There are multiple seconds with a supposed image of the creator. Here he can be seen with his hand over his face as wings come into focus out of the shadows.

(Click here to watch the TikTok video if is not playing)

While there is no direct confirmation this is a real picture, in combination with the fact that the image is clearly highly edited, fans have still gone wild over the partial face reveal.

“Yes,” “excuse me,” “gasped,” and “jaw dropped”, or variations thereof, dominate the comments section of the video, before devolving into excessively thirsty, yet hilarious, reactions to the image.

Doubling down on the lustful nature of Corpse’s fanbase there were multiple replies of “Weird way to propose, but yes” and with fan art of the moment popping up within hours of the TikTok going onto the platform.

With the knowledge that his fanbase would react like this to anything even approaching a face reveal, it’s clear that Corpse has an exceptional ability to drum up hype within his audience.

Unfortunately, this time the image is very edited, with comments after realizing it wasn’t a genuine image ranging from disappointed to enraged.

Will Corpse Husband do a face reveal?

Unlike fellow creator Dream, Corpse has never confirmed that he will reveal what he looks like. Dream hyped his face reveal up a lot prior to actually doing it, which resulted in mass hysteria when he finally did.

It’s also worth considering that Dream’s face reveal spawned lots of negativity, with a barrage of mean-spirited memes and mockery flooding social media. There’s a chance that Corspe will avoid a full face reveal after seeing this reaction.

On top of this, part of Corpse’s allure is his mystery. Not just his face, but his incredibly deep voice too.

So, there’s every chance that the streamer and musician decides to keep his face secret forever, but it could also limit his future opportunities, especially when it comes to things like attending in-person events.

Despite this, there are creators who have met Corpse Husband, and so do know what he looks like, such as Valkyrae, who featured in one of his music videos.

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