Top 5 Richest Highest-Paid NBA Mascots: Net Worth and Salaries Of Go the Gorilla, Denver Nuggets, Others

Denver Nuggets mascot earns six figures making him the highest-Paid NBA mascot – See other richest NBA mascots.

An NBA team mascot’s job may not be among the most difficult but it certainly requires some level of talent. After all, the mascot is responsible for always keeping the fans on their feet and delivering well-rounded performances throughout the game. But did you know that several NBA mascots are earning far more than the NBA players they are rooting on, with the Denver Nuggets mascot being one of them?

A study conducted by Sports Business Journal reportedly revealed the jaw-dropping salaries of the highest-paid NBA mascots, with one earning as much as $625,000 per year (shocking, right). Keep reading to find out which mascot it is and how his salary compares to the other furry (or feathery) creatures that join him on the court.

Rocky the Mountain Lion, the Denver Nuggets mascot, earns a hefty salary.

Denver Nuggets mascot
Denver Nuggets mascot. SOURCE: GETTY IMAGES

Rocky the Mountain Lion is one of the most popular NBA mascots and the funniest. Perhaps that is why the Denver Nuggets mascot is generously compensated. Rocky, who stands 5’ 10’’ tall and weighs about 154 lbs., receives a $625,000 annual salary, which is more than 10 times what the average mascot makes.

Who plays the Denver Nuggets mascot?

The Denver Nuggets mascot made his debut on the court on Dec. 15, 1990. For several years, Ken Solomon served as the man behind the mascot, though it has been reported that he has retired.

While it isn’t clear who is currently performing as Rocky, the mascot did receive some backlash in 2014 when he made an unauthorized appearance at a GOP event. Still, fans love him and are always eager to see what his next move on the court will be.

Harry the Hawk, the Atlanta Hawks mascot, makes $600,000 a year.

Coming in as the second highest-paid NBA mascot is Harry the Hawk. Harry reportedly collects a whopping $600,000 a year for his energy, dance moves, and unbeatable performances. Following Harry is Benny the Bull, the mascot for the Chicago Bulls. While Benny may not be raking in $625,000 like Rocky, he reportedly earns $400,000 a year.

Another NBA mascot collecting a sweet check is Go the Gorilla, the mascot for the Phoenix Suns. Go earns $200,000 annually, nearly double what the average WNBA player makes. As for the fifth highest-paid NBA mascot? That spot is held by the Charlotte Hornets mascot, Hugo the Hornet, who receives $100,000 a year.

Considering a change in careers? Don’t get too excited just yet since not all mascots are awarded such generous salaries. In fact, the average NBA mascot reportedly makes $60,000 a year and the position likely requires that you possess serious talent, dedication, and prior mascot experience.

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