Streamers Fuslie and Edison Park Were Once A Couple – But Why Did They Break Up? Their Split Explained!

In April 2019, Twitch streamer Edison Park had just pulled off a 30-day, record-breaking broadcast when he proposed to YouTube steamer ‘Fuslie’ — but two years later, the couple parted ways.

Leslie ‘Fuslie’ Fu is a part of 100 Thieves and is a fairly notable streamer in her own right. In an April 2019 broadcast, she appeared alongside boyfriend Edison Park at the end of his 30-day long stream.

Park had just streamed a jaw-dropping 541 hours, seven minutes, and 54 seconds within a grueling month-long period, claiming that his body had nearly “shut down” due to a lack of sleep and constant broadcasting.

At the end of his record-breaking stream, Park proposed to Leslie in a heartwarming moment that had the entire internet paying attention… but come October 2021, Leslie confirmed that she and her former fiancé had parted ways.

Fuslie and Edison Park announce shocking breakup

In a Twitlonger published on October 13, Fuslie admitted that she and Edison had actually broken up a month prior to her post, but declined to announce it right away as they “weren’t 100% sure about it.”

“We ended on the best terms that we possibly could, and we genuinely want nothing but the best for each other,” she wrote. “Just know that we love each other very much, but ultimately grew apart to the point where we both agree breaking up is what’s best for us.”

Fuslie and Edison Park
Fuslie announced her breakup from Edison Park in a Twitlonger post on October 13.

Park also shared his own Twitlonger about the breakup, writing, “Leslie and I shared the most incredible journey together over the last 5.5 years together and I wouldn’t trade that time for anything. … we both feel that it’s for the best and have nothing but love for each other.”

Edison Park also opened up about the breakup in his own Twitlonger post.

Both streamers asked that their viewers respect their privacy and stated that they would not be elaborating further on the details of their split. In response, a slew of fans and fellow content creators sent their love and support in wake of the totally unexpected split.

“Love you and Edison both Leslie! Wishing you the best going forward” — Kyedae wrote.

“I love you both so much and wish nothing for the best for you both!!!!! I am always here for you Leslie, no matter what” — Valkyrae tweeted.

“Everything happens for a reason. Love ya! glad we’ve grown closer lately, you’re a great person!! Always here if ya need someone” — KarlJacobs wrote.

Fuslie later opened up about her split from Edison in a Twitch stream, where she admitted that they should have “broken it off earlier” but felt like a “weight had been lifted” in spite of the situation.

“At the end of the day, the biggest thing is we literally drifted apart, and we didn’t address that or recognize that until we sat down and talked about it, like in depth,” she said. “We obviously just didn’t give up on our engagement like that. There were a lot of conversations that happened, and then happened again.”

The couple received a ton of love over on Twitter in wake of the surprising news, and we wish them the best.

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