Why Is Indiefoxx Still Permanently Banned? The Streamer Hits Out At Twitch For Blocking Her Unban Appeals

Former Twitch streamer Indiefoxx, who was banned from the platform indefinitely in 2021, has appealed to Twitch publicly as her attempts to resolve her ban have fallen on deaf ears.

After being one of the key figures of Twitch in 2021, partly responsible for the creation of an entirely new category on Twitch, Pools & Hot Tubs, Indiefoxx was banned numerous times.

Despite the creation of a new category, and it appears as though Twitch was happy to accommodate IndieFoxx’s content at this time, she was later banned, this time indefinitely, as she had racked up a number of strikes.

Streamer Indiefoxx

Twitch preventing Indiefoxx appeal attempts

On October 12, Indiefoxx, now going by Jenfoxx on Twitter, said that Twitch had simply given her an automated response, rather than actually reading her appeal.

“Any reason you didn’t read my ban appeal and gave me an automated response saying it was “too recent” when it’s been well over a year and 3 months now,” the banned streamer asked.

On top of this, she says the platform has “permanently blocked my way to send an appeal, it’s been greyed out for over a month.”

A number of fans were sympathetic to Jenfoxx’s situation, criticizing Twitch’s response.

“I think the problem you’re having is that you still think they need a reason to ban you. They don’t. If they want you gone, you’re gone,” one fan responded.

Others have also suggested that she should simply move to stream on YouTube instead, rather than wait for a decision from Twitch.

Although it’s not as popular as her Twitch channel, which had over 2 million followers, Indiefoxx does upload on her YouTube channel, with similar ASMR content to what she previously streamed to thousands of viewers on Twitch.

There have been cases of high-profile streamers who were permanently banned and later unbanned, such as Dellor, but these cases are rare. Ice Poseidon, another streamer who is indefinitely suspended, has pleaded for his account to be unbanned, so far to no avail.

Why is Indiefoxx still banned?

Indiefoxx was easily one of the most impactful Twitch streamers of 2021 before she was banned for the sixth – and possibly final – time. Soon after, she was banned from TikTok.

Indiefoxx has without a doubt been a key player in Twitch discourse throughout 2021. Having started her channel in 2017, she predominantly streamed in the Just Chatting and IRL categories.

But she truly came into her own in early 2021 as she was banned twice in four days: firstly for wearing exposing clothing in a hot tub, then for writing subscribers’ names on her skin.

She was banned for a fourth time in April for allegedly “Selling Twitch services or features”, before picking up her fifth ban during the so-called ASMR meta, where both she and rival streamer Amouranth were banned just minutes apart from one another.

Indiefoxx was banned for the fifth time following a series of controversial ASMR streams.
Indiefoxx was banned for the fifth time following a series of controversial ASMR streams.

But even after being banned for the fifth time, Indiefoxx was able to return to the platform after a three-day suspension. She was banned yet again three days later, on June 28, for a currently unknown reason. She also lost her Twitch partnership. Losing a partnership often indicates an indefinite suspension, but also means that if she does one day return, her channel will be much harder to monetize.

Since her sixth ban, Indiefoxx has been selling her old Twitch clips as NFTs and was also banned from TikTok, with her channel now inaccessible to the public.

Indiefoxx: What happened next?

Despite these bans, she continues to have a huge presence on social media. With her Instagram account amassing over 180,000 followers, she has now moved her content over to a second account.

She also set up an alt Twitter account, where, in her bio, she describes herself as a “girl who did some crazy s*** once upon a time.” As a result, it seems some less controversial content may be in the works; she mentioned on July 15 that she hopes to produce more music content.

And of course, she has over 100,000 followers on OF, which is likely providing a stellar amount of income given how much money other streamers like Alinity have made on the platform.

Will Indiefoxx return to Twitch?

It’s still not known when or whether Indiefoxx will be unbanned from Twitch at any point, but the fact she has been unpartnered suggests she won’t return for a long time yet.

If she does return, it will be interesting to see if she continues to produce similar content to before, or whether the bans will force her to take a more conservative approach.

Update: Hot tub and ASMR streamer Indiefoxx unbanned from Twitch

It appears that luck has turned around for Indiefoxx however, as Twitch unbanned the controversial streamer on April 4. Indiefoxx, who now goes under the username JenFoxx, was able to thank Twitch for the unban, promising that they won’t “mess this up”.

Many have congratulated the streamer for being unbanned, showing support as they return to the platform. Others have celebrated the return of her stream, for reasons personal to them.

Indiefoxx has yet to state what sort of content they have planned for their return to the streaming world, but their unban may be the sign of a turning point for Twitch in the battle for streaming platform supremacy.

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