Top 10 Most Watched Streamers During TwitchCon 2022: Amouranth Takes The Top Streaming Spot

Amouranth generated the most views during TwitchCon 2022, an event that amassed a staggering 5.7 million hours watched from live streams.

Twitch hosted its seventh annual TwitchCon event from Friday, October 9 through the following Sunday. There was plenty of fun to be had for those in attendance and viewers watching at home.

Megan Thee Stallion headlined the TwitchCon Party, for example, giving a performance that even featured a guest appearance by Master Chief.

Viewers could also join the fun by tuning in to streams from the likes of Amouranth, HasanAbi, and Jaystreazy. This year’s event had an astronomical amount of eyeballs on it, too.


Amouranth takes the top streaming spot at TwitchCon 2022

According to data from analytics company Stream Hatchet, the recent Twitch-hosted event amassed 5.7 million hours watched across all live streams.

Popular streamer Amouranth came out on top, with her channel generating the most TwitchCon views at 889,000 hours watched. Stream Hatchet lists TheDanDangler (834,000 hours) as the second-most viewed channel for the weekend.

And Twitch itself sat in third place, followed by Jinnytty and Twitch Rivals rounding out the top five. The details from Stream Hatchet read as follows:

The above stats don’t specify the number of people who tuned in, but that’s becoming a fairly common occurrence, with entertainment platforms like Netflix assessing viewership numbers by the same metric.

Setting aside Amouranth’s success and that of other TwitchCon 2022 streamers, Twitch continues to receive backlash from its viewers and partners.

Notably, the company recently doubled down on its decision to jettison its 70/30 split model for subscription revenue.

News of accidents and untoward behaviors that went unchecked at TwitchCon also caused #BoycottTwitch to recently trend on Twitter.

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