Why Was Twitch Streamer SethDrums Banned On TikTok Live?

Twitch streamer ‘SethDrums’ was left absolutely stunned after TikTok seemingly banned him for showing off a naked Peepo Plushie he got when he was at TwitchCon.

Throughout the years, we’ve seen some outrageous bans on a multitude of platforms, sometimes even for no reason at all, which Twitch has admitted can happen from time to time.

The latest instance of a bizarre ban, however, appears to come because of a green flag plushie of all things.

On October 12, SethDrums was live on both Twitch and TikTok when his TikTok Live was suddenly shut down, leaving the streamer in complete shock.

Twitch streamer baffled by TikTok ban over plushie

“My TikTok Live got suspended, what did I do?!” the streamer roared. “It was because of the naked peepo? There’s no shot, right?”

As viewers began to suggest the plushie he got at TwitchCon was the culprit, the more Seth began to believe that it was the cause, which further mesmerized him.

“I got my first ban ever and it’s on the wrong platform! To get clout you need to get banned on Twitch, not TikTok!” he joked. “I have two people watching!”

The streamer went on to show his TikTok’s screen and post it to Twitter. According to TikTok, the streamer had been suspended for “violating our community guidelines,” but it didn’t state what the infraction was.

“I can’t believe this but I got banned on TikTok Live for showing my naked peepo,” the confused streamer captioned the photo.

Luckily, Seth will be able to go live on TikTok again on October 15, so the ban won’t last that long, but it’s certainly odd that he got suspended all because of a plushie.

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