What Is A 50/50 Relationship? The 50/50 Girl Has Become Very Controversial On TikTok

Should women split the bill with their partners? TikTok debates the 50/50 Girl.

In the olden days, men were considered the breadwinners of the family. They would go to work and earn money, while their wives tidied up the house and cared for the children. Basically, men were seen as the providers and their role was to financially support and provide for their wives and kids.

That viewpoint also carried over to the early aughts of dating. A man would take a lady to dinner that he fancied. He would pay for her meal, as a woman often didn’t have a lot of money. But that was then, and this is now.

Women have money. They have high-profile jobs as CEOs. They have more power than ever (except when it comes to their bodies, of course!). As Beyoncé would say: “Who run the world? Girls.”

That said, now that women are catching up to men in terms of status, it begs the question: Should men continue paying all the bills for women now that they have joined the workforce and are making their own income? Some women believe all finances should be split evenly — such as a fancy dinner. But others think a man should still be the one paying and providing for her.

The 50/50 girl has become very controversial.

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What is a 50/50 girl and a 50/50 relationship?

A 50/50 girl is a female who splits finances 50/50 or in half with her partner. A 50/50 relationship is a couple that always goes halfsies on bills. In both cases, both partners take care of each other. Both sexes are seen as equal. It’s feminism at its finest. But not every woman supports it.

In the TikTok below, creator Kelsey Soles (@kelseysoles) basically denounces the idea of the 50/50 girl. Her copy on her video reads: “When a 50/50 tells us how she got her man.” And based on the audio, Kelsey really doesn’t care. She has no plans on ever becoming a 50/50 girl.

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that’s not the vibe I’m searching for babe

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In her caption, she writes “that’s not the vibe I’m searching for babe.” Kelsey wants a partner who will take care of her and take her out to dinner.

In contrast, Twitter user @saywhatuplove believes that a 50/50 relationship is fair. She explained in a tweet that women expect too much and being a 50/50 girl is still a great deal. “You know how much of a relief it is to only have to pay half your bills when you’re used to paying 100 percent solo? Ya’ll are ungrateful and want caretakers, not partners,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, TikTok user Paris (@_paradiseparis) suggested that couples should stop aiming for a 50/50 balance and instead be more transparent about their salaries. If one person makes more, they should have to pay more. The person who makes less then pays less.

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So, what do you think? Is being a 50/50 girl a good or bad thing? That’s up for every couple to decide. As long as a couple is honest with each other, there isn’t really a wrong decision as long as it works for them.

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