Are Da Vinki Twins WWE Stars? TikTok’s Da Vinki Twins Make AEW Debut and Fans Love It

TikTok stars the Voros twins – otherwise known as Da Vinki twins – have made their All Elite Wrestling debut in Toronto, Canada, and it’s safe to say that fans are pretty pleased by it.

As TikTok has gotten bigger and bigger over the last few years, a number of the platform’s biggest names have crossed over into the mainstream – appearing in Super Bowl commercials, late-night shows, and even topping the music charts.

In the case of the Da Vinki twins – whose real names are actually the Voros Twins – they’ve taken their TikTok stardom and focused on wrestling. Yes, they’ve made it well known to their almost 3 million followers strong profile that they’ve got a love of professional wrestling.

The twins, who regularly upload challenge videos and hop on viral trends, have wrestled on a few smaller shows in North America. Though, they’ve gotten their big break with AEW.

TikTok’s The Voros twins make AEW wrestling debut

All Elite Wrestling, which is the second biggest promotion in the United States, booked the TikTok stars to appear on their YouTube show – AEW Dark: Elevation.

Their match was taped prior to a live show of AEW Dynamite on October 12 and will be broadcast on a delay when Dark: Elevation airs on a Monday, October 17.

They’ve given fans a brief glimpse at what they can expect though, posting a TikTok of their entrance, where they were given a pretty warm welcome by the fans in attendance.

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Da wrestlingy? @allelitewrestling

♬ Comfort Chain – Instupendo

The fans watching online were also pretty pleased by what they saw too, filling the twins’ comment section with plenty of supportive posts. “Incredible! Congrats!” said one. “I’m going to cry! So happy for you both,” said another. “I am so insanely happy for you guys,” added another.

Professional wrestling journalist Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful also noted that his post about the twins’ debut gained the most traction of any of his posts from AEW’s debut in Toronto – which is certainly no mean feat.

It remains to be seen if the TikTok stars will get another shot with the professional wrestling company, but you can never really rule it out. The TikTokers noted that they are ‘hopeful’ they can do more shows but just look at Logan Paul’s success with WWE. Influencers are taking over.

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