Can Shauna Rae Have Children? Shauna Rae Is Getting Fertility Treatments to Improve Her Odds of Having Kids

The challenges that I Am Shauna Rae star Shauna Rae goes through on a daily basis are plentiful. Shauna has pituitary dwarfism, which means that even though she is actually 22 years old, she looks like she’s roughly 8. In addition to the social stigma that comes with her diagnosis, there are also many who want to know what it means for her ability to have biological kids.

Can Shauna Rae have kids?

Earlier this year, I Am Shauna Rae actively explored the question of whether it would be possible for Shauna Rae to have kids. So far, the answer seems to be that it’s a bit complicated, but it’s not impossible. In an interview with Hollywood Life, Shauna explained that she’s currently going through hormone treatments to increase the odds that she’ll one day be able to have kids of her own.

Shauna Rae with friends

She also said that she’s open to freezing her eggs, depending on how well her treatment works.

“It really depends on my results from the fertility treatment with AMH hormone and my ovarian reserve level depends on the action I need to take,” she said when asked about the possibility.

Although Shauna may not be ready to have kids right now, it seems that she’s actively preparing for the possibility that she will someday.

Shauna isn’t sure whether she’ll want kids.

Because she’s only 22, Shauna isn’t yet at the point in her life where she’s actively hoping to be a mother soon. Instead, she’s exploring fertility because she knows that it will be important for her to know as she moves forward with the rest of her life.

“I mean, even if I don’t want to have kids one day, being told you can’t is a completely different situation. It takes away whether or not I want that lifestyle and I want that normal part of my life,” she said on the show. “If I can’t have kids, or I don’t have eggs and I’m told that — how do I put this right — I’ve been told I can’t do a lot of things my entire life, so being told I can’t do another thing might make me a little angry.”

Shaun is willing to explore becoming a parent in another way, though, if things don’t work out the way she hopes.

“I’m okay with adoption,” she said. “I’m okay with surrogates. I’m okay with not having kids. So, depending on the person I’m with depends on what I do.”

In a previous interview with People, Shauna explained that her parents had never considered checking on her fertility when she was younger.

“I do know that raising a child I have no questions about, I know I can do it,” she explained, confident that she could find a way to become a parent if that’s where life takes her. “If I meet a person and they want to have a family, then that’s what we’re going to do. It’s nothing that is never going to be a no for me, it’s always a maybe kind of situation.”

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