Who Are The Cast Members Of Seeking Brother Husband and What Is The Series About?

Meet the Cast of TLC’s Newest Series, ‘Seeking Brother Husband’.

You’re likely familiar with TLC’s long-running series, Sister Wives, a show that follows a polygamous family with one husband and four wives (or at least it did, before Kody Brown split with three of them). You might have even watched Seeking Sister Wife, which features a number of men with multiple wives.

But what about women who have more than one husband? As it turns out, there’s a show for that, too!

In January, TLC released a trailer for its upcoming series, Seeking Brother Husband. In it, viewers were introduced to four relationship groups. Each one includes a wife and her husband(s) who are hoping to add even more husbands.

The series mainly documentes the ups, downs and everything in between as polyandrous relationships navigate boundaries and life-changing decisions while working to add additional husbands to their families.

Let’s take a closer look at the cast.

‘Seeking Brother Husband’ cast: Meet Kenya, Carl, and Tiger.

Seeking Brother Husband
Tiger, Kenya, and Carl

One of the relationship groups featured in Seeking Brother Husband consists of a wife, Kenya, Carl (her first husband) and Tiger (her second husband). They are from Houston, Texas. Per TLC, “Carl connects with Kenya on a philosophical level and Tiger, husband number two, fulfills Kenya’s emotional and physical needs.”

In the trailer, Kenya explained, “Polyandry is the practice of one woman having multiple husbands but those husbands cannot have any other partners.” She later added, “To do this lifestyle successfully, you have to be willing to go outside of your old comfort zones.”

Elisa and Mike

Seeking Brother Husband cast members

Elisa and her husband Mike from Los Angeles, Calif., are also featured on Seeking Brother Husband. In the trailer, Elisa addressed the stigma of a woman having multiple husbands.

“There’s definitely, like, a double standard. When a female has multiple partners, it’s, ‘Oh my gosh, she’s such a slut. She sleeps around,'” she shared. “They assume [with] multiple male partners, it’s just about sex. That’s definitely not it.”

In a different scene, Elisa was seen asking her husband how he felt about potentially having a brother husband. She wondered: “To see me holding hands with somebody else or kissing somebody else, you don’t think that would be hard?”

Mike answered, “It wouldn’t be easy.”

Kim, Dustin, and Vinson

Seeking Brother Husband

Kim, Dustin (first husband), and Vinson (second husband) are from Asheville, N.C., and they’re open to adding another husband to the mix.

In the trailer, Dustin told Vinson: “You know, you were the first man I let my partner, Kim, be with.” Dustin then told the camera, “I was watching my partner fall for another man right before my eyes.”

When someone asked Dustin, “Are you OK with her sleeping with other men?” he replied, “Most of the time.”

Chara, Patrick, and Noble — and perhaps a third husband

Seeking Brother Husband cast members

Per TLC. Chara and Patrick have “drifted apart” in their 13-year marriage but have remained together because of their “emotional bond.” That’s why Noble came in to help fill the gaps. On Seeking Brother Husband, it’s hinted that Chara is open to even more husbands — and having a child. But which husband will be the bio dad?

Honestly, Chara looks like she went through it in Season 1 of Seeking Brother Husband. “I didn’t think I was going to be swapped out,” one of the husbands tells her, to which she counters, “And I don’t feel that it’s a swap-out.”

The husband then responded, “Well that’s because you’re not getting swapped out.”

Cut to a visibly-emotional Chara telling producers, “I’m just not having a good time right now,” while dabbing her eyes with a tissue.

Seeking Brother Husband airs on Sundays (starting March 26) at 10 p.m. EST on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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