What Happened To Chrisean Rock’s Tooth? The Baddie South Cast Gets Boyfriend BlueFace’s Face On Her Tooth

Reality Tv star Chrisean Rock trends yet again explaining why she’s stll with her boyfriend Blueface.

Once again, Chrisean Rock and Blueface are doing something out of the ordinary in order to get the media’s attention. Apparently, having Blue’s face plastered on her neck and his name inked on her body numerous times wasn’t enough for the Baltimore native. Now, she’s got him sitting somewhere that he used to despise– her new tooth.

Rock got her tooth fixed a couple of weeks ago, but ripped it out on camera because Blue blamed it for their relationship issues. Nonetheless, the tooth is back– but this time it got a makeover. 

Chrisean took to her IG and posted a close-up video of her smile which featured a small, but visible, image of Blueface, whose real name is Johnathan Jamall Porter. In the clip, Rock stated, “Look Blue, I did it for you,” before letting out a chuckle. Her boo was heard in the background saying, “Check the tooth out.”

Chrisean Rock

Before her trip to the dentist, though, Rock hopped on Twitter to explain why her behavior has been so erratic. She posted a video of Blue wearing boxers and sliding hundred-dollar bills across his arm. A viral TikTok sound played in the background, it had Dr. Phil saying, “This is your man? Look at the screen,” followed by a woman going, “That’s mine, and I’m going to stick beside him.”

To accompany the clip, Rock wrote, “This why I took my tooth. He got [that] make a h*e go crazy d*ck.” Check out the video below.