Is Creed McKinnon In A Relationship? The Actor’s Girlfriend, Dating History, Exes – Is He Married?

Who is Creed McKinnon dating right now? Creed is a major heartbreaker in Season 4 of ‘Too Hot To Handle’.

Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers for Season 4, Episodes 1-5 of Too Hot to Handle.

No one ever said you have to find love in Too Hot to Handle, but after Creed breaks things off with Sophie for Flavia, it’s clear that he’s here to play the field rather than form deep and meaningful connections. So, who is Creed dating now, after Too Hot to Handle?

In Episode 5, he breaks up with Sophie to give things a go with Flavia, a newcomer who is interested in Creed after Seb lets her down. Up until this point, Creed and Sophie had seemed like they were in a good place and moving toward real feelings for each other. But, given Creed’s ability to give up on that so easily for someone else, he may leave the season single.

Creed from 'Too Hot to Handle'

Who is ‘Too Hot to Handle’s Creed dating now?

Creed starts off Too Hot to Handle with a good thing going for him in his and Sophie’s would-be relationship. When Flavia, a “grenade,” arrives on the beach to shake things up, Creed breaks things off with Sophie to pursue her.

But it doesn’t look like Creed and Flavia are dating outside of the show. In fact, he doesn’t appear to be dating anyone from Too Hot to Handle.

Instead, Creed’s Instagram has a few posts featuring himself and a female friend by the name of Taleah Meshae. Creed shared a post about Taleah in June 2022, in which he called her his one of his soulmates.

He also wrote in the caption, “My life is a coloring book and you’re an artist that has filled in so many blank spaces. We have left footprints in three countries together and it’s only the beginning.”

In the comments under the post, Creed assured a follower that he and Taleah are just friends. But that hasn’t stopped people from asking if they’ve made things official yet. So for now, it’s just speculation. But it’s safe to say that Creed isn’t dating anyone from Too Hot to Handle right now.

What does Creed from ‘Too Hot to Handle’ do for a living?

Creed’s Instagram features some professional photos that could be the result of modeling. But his real passion lies with his company, VersaWare Technologies. According to LinkedIn, the company is dedicated to “Creating the next generation of kitchen appliances geared towards nutritionally driven meal creation and mindful eating.”

When he’s not working and, apparently, traveling the world with his allegedly platonic soulmate, Creed remains in contact with some of the guys from Too Hot to Handle. Maybe he didn’t leave the season with a girlfriend, but he did leave with some new besties.

The jury is still out on whether or not Creed and Sophie are still friends, however.

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