Fun Facts About Daliesha Key: This Popular Model-Rapper Accused Lil Baby Of Being Her Son’s Father

Popular Instagram model Daliesha Key shows a DNA test proving Lil Baby is the father of her child. But who is she, anyways?

Lil Baby is an American rapper and singer-songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia who rose to mainstream fame in 2017 following the release of his mixtape Perfect Timing.

His dating history has been a topic of discussion for years among his fanbase, however, he seems to have a great relationship with his baby mama, Jayda Cheaves.

On his Instagram page, Lil Baby is frequently seen spending time with and spoiling his two sons – Jason and Loyal. While the Atlanta native lives a busy life as one of the most recognizable rappers out right now, he’s sure to include his young boys in his celebrity lifestyle by bringing them along to red-carpet events or icing them out with luxurious jewelry. He’s obviously established a strong co-parenting relationship with both of his baby mamas, but now, it seems a third woman is trying to enter the picture with claims that Baby fathered her infant child.

A woman who is known on Instagram as Daliesha Keys has alleged that Lil Baby is her baby daddy sharing evidence of a supposed DNA test to prove her claim. A lot of netizens were in a frenzy upon this revelation by the model.

Who Is Daliesha Key? This Popular Instagram Model Says Lil Baby Is The Father Of Her Son
Source: Instagram @daliesha_key

Daliesha Keys Posts Alleged DNA Test

Earlier this week, an Instagram model, Daliesha Keys, unveiled a DNA test for her son, which claims that Dominique Jones – the My Turn artist’s real name – is a 99.99% match for paternity. The document is in Spanish, but regardless of the language, numbers simply don’t lie. Of course, there are still a lot of pieces missing from the puzzle, but the social media starlet celebrated her apparent win by posting photos of the little one on her Instagram feed. “For all the haters and everyone who was trying to silence me, the truth out now?,” she wrote in the caption.

In the comment section, internet trolls pointed out that Keys previously pulled a similar stunt with another rapper, making her allegations slightly harder to believe this time around. “First Durk, now Baby??,” they wrote. “Tryna come for the voice of the [heroes] ?.” Someone else pointed out another potential issue with the DNA test’s legitimacy, noting that, “Lmaoooo ma’am it [says] North Carolina but it’s in Spanish. BFFR!!!!!!”

Elsewhere in the comments, others speculated how Baby’s second son’s mother, Jayda Cheaves will react to the drama. The former couple has been spending plenty of time together again as of late, though it remains unclear if they’ve rekindled their romance just yet. “Jayda ’bout to post her whole Chanel collection with this one,” one user quipped. “One thing we know post-COVID is ANYBODY can create a form???,” another funny comment reads.

Lil Baby has not responded to this claim. If the rumours are true, it would make the “My Turn” rapper a father of three.

Who is Daliesha Key?

Daliesha Key is a popular social media personality, and an OnlyFans model best known for her erotic content on Twitter and Instagram.

The native of Houston, Texas has gained enormous following her allegations against American rapper, Lil Baby.

She has over 1.3 million followers on Instagram on her account @daliesha_key, and over 100K followers on her Twitter account @DalieshaK.

Her first Instagram post was on October 17, 2020.

Who Is Daliesha Key? This Popular Instagram Model Says Lil Baby Is The Father Of Her Son
Source: Instagram @daliesha_key

She doubles as a rapper and has a handful of songs to her credit. According to AllHipHop, Daliesha has made music ever since she was only a child. Over time, she developed a very distinctive and intimate sound, which showcases her love of melody and energy. During the songwriting stage, she seeks to find a happy medium between catchy and honest lyricism, exploring her outlook and experiences as a person. To express herself, Daliesha makes music with a visionary philosophy. 

She released her first song titled “RAT HIM OUT” on June 28, 2021. She also has singles like “No Cap”, and “Its Not Hard” just to mention a few.

Her most viral song was released in 2021 dubbed “Down to my feet” which features Bankroll Freddie and was produced by Drumma Boy Fresh.

She stands out as one of the most promising female rap artists coming out of Houston, TX, and songs like “Down To My Feet” stand out as an example of her ability to focus on making quality rap that cuts through the noise. 

Her OnlyFans seems to be paying off as she drives Bentley Bentayga and has two dogs as pets whose names are Ben and Frankie.

Daliesha Key Has A Son

Her son, Romello has over 1.5K followers on his personal Instagram page @ball0utbabyboy which was created the same day Daliesha shared with her fans that she was a mother.

She first shared the news of her welcoming her son on August 31, 2022, in a post that had her showing the face of her son. She captioned it with his personal IG handle and a blue heart emoji.

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