10 Fun Facts About Jayda Cheaves: Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Boyfriend, Children, Job, Parents, Wiki, Bio

Jayda Cheaves is a force to be reckoned with – Her biography facts below show how she utilized Social Media to launch her empire.

If you’re familiar with rap superstar Lil Baby, odds are that you’re also familiar with his ex-girlfriend, Jayda Cheaves. Lil Baby and Jayda were together for quite a while but have since split up. Regardless, it doesn’t seem to have hurt either of their careers one bit, as both he and Jayda are doing quite well for themselves financially.

Jayda has branched out into numerous endeavors, setting herself up with an impressive net worth. Jayda Cheaves has made millions of dollars on her own, but how did she do it? In this article, TheVibely will present 10 stellar facts about the influencer. Keep reading for a breakdown of her finances, businesses, and more.

Profile Summary

Celebrated Name:Jayda Cheaves
Net Worth:$4 million
Profession:Social media influencer, actress, author, entrepreneur
Full Real Name:Jayda Cheaves
Jayda Wayda
Jayda Ayanna
Birthday:September 25, 1997
Age:25 years old (as of 2022)
Birthplace:Savannah, Georgia, USA
Current Resdnece:Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Zodiac Sign:Libra
Height:5 feet 1 inches (154 cm)
Weight:127 Ibs (58 kg)
Body Measurements:34-23-36 in inches
Hair Color:Black
Eye Color:Brown
Marital Status:Unmarried
Boyfriend:Lil Baby (ex)
Children:I kis (a son named Loyal Armani)
Mother:Tricia Cheaves
Siblings:Len (brother) and Ameerah (sister)
Education:University of Georgia.

1. Who is Jayda Cheaves and what is she famous for?

Jayda Cheaves is a hugely popular American actress, author, model, YouTuber, and Instagram influencer. She has become an accomplished entrepreneur in the last few years, leveraging her massive following on multiple social media platforms. Besides her numerous accomplishments, she is renowned for her on-and-off relationship with the famous rapper Lil Baby.

The Instagram influencer has her own fashion line that deals with the sale of hair products, styling solutions, and clothes.

She is renowned for being Lil Baby’s baby mama, a businesswoman, actress and social media influencer.

2. How old and tall is Jayda Cheaves?

She was born in 1997, and Jayda Cheaves’ age is 25 years as of 2023. The social media influencer was born in Savannah, Georgia, USA. She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

What is Jayda Cheaves’ birthday? She celebrates her birthday on September 25 every year. Her zodiac sign is Libra.

How tall is Jayda Cheaves? Social media personality Jayda Cheaves stands at a height of 5 feet 1 inch (154 cm). Her weight in kilograms is 58 and in pounds is 127. Her body measurements in inches are 34-23-36. She has a black hair colour, and brown eye color.

Jayda Cheaves

3. Where did Jayda Cheaves attend school?

Cheaves attended Windsor Forest High School, graduating in mid-2015. She then enrolled at the University of Georgia, where she pursued her undergraduate degree.

4. Who are Jayda Cheaves’ parents?

Her mum is known as Tricia Cheaves. Not much is known about her dad. Does Jayda Cheaves have siblings? Cheaves grew up alongside her two siblings. As for her family, Jayda has a younger brother named Jaelen and a sister named Ameerah. Her sister also goes by the nickname Jazz and runs a successful salon named The Glam Trap, which is based in Decatur, GA.

Jayda Cheaves

5. What does Jayda Cheaves do for a living?

In 2017, she left her parents’ home and relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. She opened a small outlet and began selling hair products.

Jayda’s values as an entrepreneur were instilled in her from a young age. When she was 16, she began reselling clothing on Poshmark, which gave her some basic knowledge about running a small business, including aspects of branding and marketing.

She quickly grew beyond those humble roots, however, expanding to her own platform where she continued to push her own products without having to cut in any middlemen on profits.

Her first business venture helped her learn a lot about customer management and business dealings. A few months into the business, she closed her outlet after realizing she could not deliver the quality her customers wanted.

She then acted on the knowledge she had gained and opened her fashion line, Waydamin. Since its inception, the company has frequently sold out its line of cutout tops, flared trousers, neutral-coloured leggings, and turtlenecks.

As Jayda’s fame grew, her status as an entrepreneur did as well. She leveraged her success into a true brick-and-mortar establishment in Atlanta called Amour Jayda as well as another online presence called Wayda Shop. Through these businesses, Jayda sells clothing, cosmetic products, hair care products, and wigs.

In addition, Cheaves plans on expanding the clothing line by adding swimsuits to her product range. The company is headquartered in a business complex in Atlanta, Georgia.

To date, Jayda has also partnered with notable name brands such as Fashion Nova, GSU WOO, and Pretty Little Thing to release her own highly-anticipated collections of clothing.

Part of Waydamin’s success is directly attributable to the millions of followers Cheaves has on her social media profiles. Instagram, in particular, has been quite significant for her. She currently has over 8 million followers on her page.

6. Aside from bein a social media personality Jayda is an author of books.

In 2018, the Instagram influencer published a book titled The Young Boss Blueprint: 15 Steps to Becoming a Young Boss. The book has numerous tips for upcoming young entrepreneurs. Jayda said the book addresses the challenges that young people encounter when setting up businesses. The book is available in two versions: digital and paperback.

7. What movie did Jayda Cheaves play a role in?

The influencer is also an actress, having appeared in several TV series and films such as Bid for Love (2022), The Impact: Atlanta (2022) and The Real (2021).

8. Who is Jayda Cheaves dating?

In 2016, Jayda met Dominique Jones, commonly known by his stage name, Lil Baby. The two met in Atlanta and soon began dating. About two years into the relationship, they broke up for undisclosed reasons. Shortly after the breakup, Jones found out that Jayda was expectant.

Following the realization, the two got back together and decided to bring up the child as a couple. How many kids does Jayda Cheaves have? She only has one son, Loyal Armani, who was born in February 2019.

In March 2022, the couple reportedly broke up again, with Cheaves and Jones both posting cryptic messages on social media hinting at their breakup.

On her side, Wayda stated, ‘Everything comes to an end. Never force it. Be happy.’

9. What is Jayda Cheaves’ net worth?

Jayda Cheaves is a remarkable young entrepreneur, having achieved quite a lot in her business venture. She has accumulated a sizable fortune making her classified as a millionaire.

How much is Jayda Cheaves worth?

According to The Success Bug, the Instagram influencer’s net worth in 2023 is allegedly $4 million. Jayda has also partnered with notable name brands such as Fashion Nova, GSU WOO, and Pretty Little Thing to release her own highly-anticipated collections of clothing.

How did Jayda Cheaves become a millionaire?

Most of Cheaves’ estimated $4 million fortune come from her business ventures, particularly the Waydamin clothing line. She is quite popular on social media and became even more famous following her on-and-off relationship with Lil Baby.

10. Jayda Cheaves has been embroiled in some controversies in the past.

The Lil Baby, Jayda Cheaves and Bow Wow controversy

There were rumours amidst Jones and Wayda’s breakup that the latter was having an affair with renowned American rapper Bow Wow. The two were reportedly texting each other, something that allegedly triggered the breakup.

However, Bow Wow dismissed the allegations as untrue, stating that he has the utmost respect for Lil Baby. Cheaves also denied the allegations.

Jayda Cheaves with a gun in Jamaica

Cheaves and her friend Gregory Wright were arrested for illegal firearm and ammunition possession after two 9mm pistols and 15 rounds of ammunition were discovered in their luggage at Sangster International Airport.

She was attempting to leave the island where she had celebrated her 24th birthday the previous week. They were each ordered to pay $500,000 in fines for the firearm charges and $300,000 in fines for the ammunition charges or serve 12 months in prison.

Social media presence

Wayda is quite active on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. She started her self-titled YouTube channel in 2018 and has seen it grow to more than 380k subscribers in 2023. She posted her first YouTube video at the end of 2018.

Cheaves currently has over 8 million followers on her verified Instagram account. Here, she frequently posts photos of her business, day-to-day activities, and travel destinations. She also posts photos of her son Loyal on occasion. The influencer also has a significant presence on Twitter.

There is a significant difference between Jayda Cheaves’ before and after photos as she has grown to embrace new styles and fashion in the industry.

She admitted to having eye lift surgery to correct a droopy eye caused by ptosis, a condition that can occur if the nerve that controls the eyelid muscles is damaged or if there is swelling in the area.

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