Where Is David Voss Now and What Is The ‘Barney the Dinosaur’ Performer Up To?

David Voss was one of the first performers to portray Barney the Dinosaur — Where is he now?

With the streaming premiere of I Love You, You Hate Me on Peacock, the spotlight has returned to the lovable mascot, Barney the Dinosaur. As the main character of the eponymous Barney & FriendsBarney taught young children valuable lessons and educational messages through optimistic song and dance.

The new documentary delves deep into the culture of hate surrounding Barney, primarily deconstructing the salacious rumors that plagued the series and its cast throughout its run.

With Barney back in the limelight, many are wondering what’s become of the many performers on the show. Namely, fans have been asking what’s become of David Voss, one of the first performers to portray Barney. Contrary to the sadistic culture of hate against Barney that has earned its own Wikipedia page, David seems to be doing well for himself. Keep reading to see what David Voss is up to now.

David Voss in 2020
David Voss in 2020

Where is David Voss now? The dancer was one of the first people to portray Barney.

While David Voss only portrayed Barney for a short period of time, he does have a claim to fame. He was the very first actor to don the suit and bring life to the lovable dinosaur. David acted as a costumed performer for Barney between 1988 and 1990, with actor Bob West providing the voice for the character.

In an interview with NBCBob claims that he and David “just synced up together” as they worked to portray Barney.

In a May 2022 “Artist of the Month” expose on Art Spark TexasDavid revealed that he left to join the military during the show’s two-year hiatus. After his service, he was asked to return to the series for its revival as a choreographer. Reportedly, he accepted the role without question. He would go on to portray other characters in the show, including the Winkster and Clarence the Goose.

After the show, he sought to further his career in the world of dance.

Nowadays, David’s dance career and military service have informed his latest ventures. According to Art Sparks Texas, he now teaches dance classes at the Austin VA (Veterans Affairs) Outpatient clinic.

“I would say dancing literally saved me because there were times where I had sleep issues and I was dealing with a lot in my life and I had a little bit of PTSD,” David told the outlet. “The only thing that really helped was dance because when you calm the body, you can calm the mind.”

Despite the doom and gloom that follows Barney and his friends on an unwarranted basis, David seems to be sharing his experience on the show with those in need of it.

I Love You, You Hate Me is now streaming on Peacock.

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