Did WhistlinDiesel Get Arrested? Viral TikTok Sparks Rumors

A TikTok video from Keller Moore showing WhistlinDiesel in handcuffs while being walked to the back of a police car has sparked rumors that the YouTuber had gotten arrested, but some fans think it may have been a stunt.

With nearly a decade of videos uploaded, WhistlinDiesel has become one of the premier automotive YouTubers on the platform with over four million subscribers.

His high-speed content has gotten him in trouble in the past as well, as he is facing jail time from a jet-ski incident back in June 2022.

On October 16, a TikTok video from Keller Moore showed WhistlinDiesel in handcuffs — making fans believe that he had gotten arrested. However, some fans aren’t quite sure that it really happened.

Did WhistlinDiesel get arrested?

On October 16, TikToker Keller Moore uploaded a video showing that he was out filming a video with WhistinDiesel and Justin_ACW in Georgia, which is a completely normal thing for that group of creators.

His next two videos show all three members of the group in handcuffs and getting placed into the back of a police car, with claims that they got arrested.

The first video shows one of the guys sitting in the car while WhistlinDiesel records the incident on his phone.

The second video, captioned “Bro, they got WhistlinDiesel too,” shows Justin and Whistlin’ in handcuffs and being escorted to the back of another police car.


an eventful night to say the least… @whistlindieselvstiktok2 #mclaren #720s #police #fyp #fypシ

♬ original sound – Keller Moore

This video quickly went viral, with thousands of fans taking to the comments thinking that the YouTuber had actually gotten arrested.

However, others weren’t so quick to believe it was real.

“Literally a couple of videos before the same cops were sitting in the parking lot. Tell me this is staged without telling me it’s staged. All for the clicks,” one replied.

Another replied: “Looks totally stagged. One cop, no cage, everyone clearly making vids.”

Not to mention, both Whistlin and Justin_ACW have posted on their Instagram profiles since they were allegedly arrested. While it’s completely possible they just spent the night in the local county jail, it seems unlikely that they were charged.

It’s near impossible to know for sure at the moment, so we’ll have to wait until WhistlinDiesel or one of the others in the group confirm or deny the rumors.

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