Dr. Mehmet Oz’s Kids: Who Is Dr. Oz Married To? Meet His Wife Lisa Oz and Their Children

Dr. Oz has been married for over 30 years and has several adult children, some of whom are following in his footsteps. Let’s meet his family.

Dr. Mehmet Oz is a household name thanks to his career as a popular TV doctor. The Dr. Oz show has been around for 13 seasons since 2009, pulling in curious fans who want to know about health and wellness. With Dr. Oz, no subject is necessarily off-limits. He lets members of his audience ask him pretty much any question that they could have.

Now, Dr. Oz is entering the political arena and running for senate in Pennsylvania. Since he has so many diehard fans (despite his controversies), it’s possible he’ll do well in his political campaign. However, even with how famous he is, there are some things that many viewers still don’t know about him. Does Dr. Oz have any children at home? What about a wife? Here’s what everyone should know about his family life.

Daphne Oz and Dr. Oz
Daphne Oz and Dr. Oz

Who are Dr. Oz‘s children? He has three daughters and one son.

Along with being a TV doctor and possible future Senator, Dr. Oz is also a family man. According to The Sun, his daughter Daphne Oz has made a name for herself in the reality TV world as a chef and food writer.

It seems that she is comfortable following in her father’s footsteps when it comes to having a big personality in front of the cameras. IMDb says that she starred on an ABC daytime talk show called The Chew before landing a spot as the co-host of The Good Dish.

Next up is Oliver Mustafa Oz, Dr. Oz’s one and only son who chose to pursue a career in medicine — just like his father. It’s unclear whether or not he wants to take his talents to reality television. For now, he is studying to earn his degree from Columbia University, according to American Starbuzz.

Zoe Oz is another one of Dr. Oz’s daughters. She is reportedly doing well for herself as the chief marketing officer of Bilt Rewards, a start-up company making huge waves in the financial industry. According to Bilt’s official website, the company exists to help people earn reward points for paying rent.

Zoe is quite popular on Instagram, with over 11,000 followers keeping up with her content. According to her IG bio, she considers herself to be everyone’s “digital BFF.” A lot of her content focuses on the visual aesthetic of her life living in New York City, including the places she travels to there and the foods she eats.

Arabella Sezen Oz is Dr. Oz‘s youngest daughter. Although she has no interest in being on television or sharing details of her life on social media, we know that she is pursuing a career as an actress. According to her IMDb page, some of her roles include Jigsaw, Chapters, Billionaire Boys Club, and Our House.

Dr. Oz and Lisa Oz

Who is Dr. Oz’s wife? Meet Lisa Oz.

Dr. Oz isn’t heading into the political arena without his wife by his side to support him along the way. According to Life Extension, he is married to a woman named Lisa Oz. They tied the knot in 1985 and have been a solid team since then.

After getting making it down the aisle, Dr. Oz and Lisa started their family of six.

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