Everything We Know About SSSniperwolf’s Arrest and Armed Robbery Charges – Mugshot Resurfaces Online

Has YouTuber SSSniperwolf ever been jailed before? She reportedly attacked a security guard while shoplifting and was charged with armed robbery in 2013.

SSSniperWolf, real name Alia Marie Shelesh, has made a name on the internet as a British-American YouTuber and actress.

Often called Little Lia, she is mostly famous on the video-sharing platform as well as a massive social media following.

Her fame has come with a ton of controversy as of late.

Sssniperwolf has been trending on Twitter after her unsolicited visit to Jacksfilms’ house after their beef started, many weighed in on her behavior, accusing her of doxxing Jacksfilms family.

Soon after, the internet started discussing SSSniperwolf’s past, uncovering a situation where she got charged with armed robbery in 2013.

Here’s everything we know about the popular streamer and YouTuber’s armed robbery and arrest.


Has SSSniperwolf ever been arrested?

Yes, internet celebrity, SSSniperwolf has had issues with the legal system. She has been reportedly arrested twice.

According to Mugshots.com, an outlet focused on content revolving around crimes, Little Lia’s first arrest comes with charges of armed robbery in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Per the publication, in 2013 she was involved in shoplifting and when approached by an undercover security guard, she attacked them.

Further details about her arrest and proceedings aren’t clear to the media.

According to a Redditor, this version of the situation is one SSSniperwolf is “trying to promote” and her “significant other at the time was involved in the incident as well.” It’s unclear what the whole truth is on the matter.

In 2016, three years after her first detention, she was arrested again, and this time with her ex-boyfriend Evan Sausage for disorderly conduct fighting charges.

SSSniperwolf clarified what happened in her last arrest in a 2016 YouTube video. She claimed her neighbors overheard her and Sausage arguing and screaming, leading those next door to call the cops.

“We were just talking about how stupid and unlucky and unfortunate this whole situation was because we just wanted to get frozen yogurt,” SSSniperworlf said in the video.

She hasn’t been arrested since 2016. Creating buzz alongside her previous arrests is an old clip of her asking teens to twerk on Omegle to get a peek at her breasts. The clip seemingly emerged as people learned about her armed robbery situation and visit to Jacksfilms’ house.

Those who’ve watched the clip are now wanting her to get “deplatformed” from YouTube and the old footage could potentially spiral into something more serious since minors were involved. As of now, the ball is in YouTube’s court on the fate of this creator.

SSSniperWolf and Jacksfilms
SSSniperWolf and Jacksfilms.

What happened between SSSniperWolf and Jacksfilms?

Alia SSSniperWolf and John Patrick Douglass aka Jacksfilms have been contending with each other since 2022. For his part, John has posted several videos criticizing Alia’s content. Throughout his SSSniperWolf-targeted uploads, he accuses her of stealing content by not properly crediting original creators in her reaction videos. This has led to some intense back and forth, with John even creating a separate YouTube channel in which he specifically reacts negatively to Alia’s content in parody videos.

Alia has since responded by accusing John of sexism and content theft. While this could have easily been chalked up to another one of your run-of-the-mill YouTuber feuds, Alia decided to ramp up the conflict in a highly controversial move.

On Oct. 14, 2023, Alia reportedly posted two Instagram stories in which she specifically placed herself outside of John’s house. The stories have since been deleted.

Apparently, Alia was on a “shoot” that happened to take place near his home. She even asked her followers if she should confront him.

On Twitter, John accused Alia of openly attempting to doxx him and endanger his safety IRL. He called her IG stories “creepy, gross, [and] violating.”

“What you do is disgusting,” Jack tweeted. “You steal content and stalk YouTubers.”

Alia has since responded, claiming that John is simply playing victim. She even accuses him of defamation.

“I have no ill intentions,” she wrote on IG. “It’s so sad when people have to constantly create drama to pay their bills.”

On Oct. 14, 2023, John responded to Alia’s actions in a short but succinct YouTube video in which he calls for her to lose her platforms on social media.

“She turned from a mere content thief to someone who doxxes and stalks her critics,” John claims, though he went on to say that he and his wife feel violated by the incident. He continues, “We no longer feel safe in our own home because we’re dealing with someone who genuinely thinks they’re in the right for A) stalking me, and B) posting our home to her massive audience.”

Folks across the internet seem to have taken John’s side in the conflict. Many have not only voiced their support on Twitter, but some have even commented on Alia’s recent videos in an attempt to call her out for her recent behavior.

YouTuber SSSniperwolf got canceled on Twitter for transphobic comments in 2020. Image Source: Instagram
YouTuber SSSniperwolf got canceled on Twitter for transphobic comments in 2020. Image Source: Instagram

Back in 2020, Lia was canceled on Twitter for her transphobic comment

SSSniperwolf’s fans were heartbroken after learning that she’s been caught being transphobic, racist, homophobic, and body-shaming people as well as lied about being abused.

At the time, a few videos were unearthed in which she does ruthlessly make fun of a trans woman for insisting that a Gamestop cashier call her “m’am” instead of “sir,” call non-binary folks “Attack Helicopters,” and she also commented on footage of Zendaya dressed up as Cinderella at the 2019 Met Gala, agreeing that the actress should have gone as Princess Tiana, and not Princess Cinderella. 

Lia also allegedly used the N-word.

The YouTuber aimed at a trans woman in her 2019 video, “RUDE CUSTOMERS CAUGHT ON VIDEO Compilation,” which mostly featured Lia reacting to really rude customers who probably deserve to be blasted on the internet. However, Lia posted footage of a trans woman yelling at a cashier who repeatedly calls her “Sir” and made fun of her for being upset, and many feel like this was transphobic. This portion starts at the 6:10-minute mark.

In another video, she calls non-binary folks “Attack Helicopters” which is a transphobic meme that stems from a 2014 Copypasta text that spread on Reddit and 4chan and was used to make fun of trans-identifying and non-binary people. 

In another video, she and another YouTuber react to Zendaya’s 2019 Met Gala outfit, saying they don’t like her blonde hair, and that she sounds have gone as Tiana, which is a reductive thing to say about a Black person. Also, Zendaya can wear and be whatever she wants, because she is Zendaya. End of story.

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