Giovanni Quintella Bezerra: This Brazilian Anesthetist Caught Putting His In A Sedated Pregnant Woman’s Mouth

A pregnant woman was allegedly rap..ed by her anesthetist named Giovanni Quintella Bezerra during a C-section.

A Brazilian anesthetist accused of a sedated woman during a C-section is feared to have carried out five similar attacks at a Hospital in Brazil.

Giovanni Quintella Bezerra:
Giovanni Quintella Bezerra

Giovanni Quintella Bezerra, 32, was arrested in Rio de Janeiro on July 10 after nurses became suspicious of his behaviour during two C-sections that day and secretly recorded him during a third – when they allegedly caught him assaulting the patient.

Bezerra reportedly only completed his medical training in anesthesia two months ago. How he was caught was the hospital staff was worried about the number of drugs he was giving to his patients so they put in a secret camera to see what he was up to.

After reviewing the footage they were horrified to see him sexually assaulting the woman while the other doctors performed the C-section. The patient was lying on the hospital bed unconscious, while on the left side of the sheet the surgical team is performing the C-section, and on the right-hand side, Bezerra is seen unzipping his pants, pulling out his pen*s and putting it into the pregnant woman’s mouth. He reportedly assaulted her for almost ten minutes.

Police, who were already investigating whether the first two patients were attacked, now say another three women treated on different days have come forward to accuse him of abusing them – bringing the total to at least six.

Bezerra appeared in court for the first time Tuesday, where a judge sentenced him to indefinite detention in solitary confinement while the case is investigated.

He has been locked up at Bangu – Brazil’s largest prison complex to the west of Rio which holds some of the country’s most dangerous inmates and has a reputation for violence – where prisoners booed and banged cell bars as he arrived last night.

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